Tuesday, June 18, 2013


So listen...I haven't taken a new "outfit picture" since a few weeks ago.  I put the tripod and camera away and haven't gotten them back out and set up yet.  Every time I get dressed for work I think "I should really take a picture of this" and then I don't.  Granted, I am usually running out the door as I think that so time generally does not permit.  It's not a good excuse but there you have it.

If you can suspend disbelief for a moment, you might imagine that this is what I wore on my return to work.  It seems to be my basic uniform of denim bottom, printed top and colorful cardigan.  I never realized that I had such a narrow vision when it came to picking out my outfits but after scrolling through my unused outfit photos in search of something to post I realized that basically they all look the same.  And that is so sad.

I guess it makes getting dressed easier, I certainly have a cardigan to match everything I own and enough denim to clothe an army of size 8 short women.  This blog has always been a "what I wore today" contribution.  I'm not trying to teach you anything (most of the time) because I certainly have nothing new to say.  The outfits I post are really what I wear to work, and because my work is what it is it makes sense that you see me in denim and colorful layers.

I'm bored of the look though...I'm closing in on 100 posts of mostly the same stuff.  Perhaps its time for a little tiny tweak.  Perhaps its time to take photos of outfits I would wear if I had a different type of job, or got dressed on days I didn't actually have to go to work (as I type in mangled, over sized boxer shorts and a stained, XXL t-shirt from 100 years ago).  Perhaps I'm actually too lazy to make that change.  Time will tell.



  1. I almost always get an idea or two from your posts! For example, I am reminded that I need a longish woven belt in just the same color as yours ... I want one for a couple of outfits.

    I'm always glad to see you, no matter what you're wearing. It's inspiring to see you elevate denim the way you do, with jewelry, or color, or fabric contrasts. You style it so you really can take you anywhere!

    We are not our jobs, and they don't define us as human beings, but they sure do determine a lot of our clothing purchases! I'm reminded that I'm lucky to be able to call my own shots at the restaurant, and can dress up or down at will ... in spite of all my whining about poverty, I have some great opportunities to play dress up. I can swan around in whatever I want to wear, and that's no small amount of control for a woman in the 21st Century.
    Glad to see you back! Beautiful as always!

  2. I think your outfits are quite creative and I never think they are the same or similar :-) I mean, I'm pretty much wearing something similar (jeans, print top, black cardigan). Ohhh, do you think it's the 40's something uniform? LoL.

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  3. You always look wonderful, but I know what you mean about the "same" outfits. I realize that my favorite look includes a cardigan, even when it's 110 outside. I have an idea: we should style each other (or other people who read our blogs) using the clothes we already have...or perhaps need to buy. We could do this "virtually," I think. I did this once with my house -- had a good friend come over and help me re-think what I was doing. She's a minimalist so it was quite a change, but good fun at the same time.
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  4. I feel the same way about how I dress to Alyssa. I look at pictures and it's always a variation of a top with a pencil skirt. I do like the outfit you are featuring which is perfect comfy chic wear! Instead of calling it a rut, I think you've honed in on your style :)


  5. I love that shade of green in your sweater. So pretty.

  6. I always enjoy authentic blogs rather than dressed up outfits just for the purpose of a post. Some women have a casual, some a cool, others a vintage or a more dressy style.

    But I know what you mean and maybe you should try it. If it helps, why not pretending you are the bank manager, the singer, the... and you don't need to take photos if you don't feel comfortable in it ;-)

    You look great in this look!
    Lady of Style

  7. I don't think you look the same either. I say go with what is comfortable for you and suits your lifestyle. If you have an itch to try a different style that's fine too though. I've noticed my tastes changing a bit since I started my blog. I'm actually feeling like I want to limit my wardrobe more and just have several cardigans that go with everything, casual to slightly dressy trousers, simple tops, and jeans. I have outfits I love and would like to wear more than once a season. As my blog states...I'm working on cultivating my style. I feel closer now to it than ever so I'm happy with that for now.
    I love the rich colors in your dressing. Your outfits don't ever feel blah.

  8. I think your usual outfits work really well. I'm not overly adventurous either, and I like to see how normal people dress - I can relate to that, and maybe be inspired. I avoid blogs that go on about "fashion" or fashion mags or trends.

  9. You have a good eye for color combinations .. so perhaps you could do a post on that .. or take a day look and turn it into a night look .. :-) Those types of posts are always interesting to me.

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com