Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It's Hot/Cold season in Arizona.  What season is that you ask?  57 degrees in the morning and 92 degrees by the late afternoon.  A sticky situation when you need to be gone from your house all day and can't do complete outfit changes to accommodate the climate.

My solution was a summer tank dress with a boyfriend cardigan thrown over top.  Bare legs weren't the best idea for the early morning cold, but I adore these shoes and it needed to happen.

Had. To. Happen.


{California was great and if I could afford it I would totally live there in a shack on the beach.  It made me a lazy blogger though...sorry!}

Friday, October 11, 2013

Pink Pants in October

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness this month, I am pulling out my favorite pair of pink pants.  Such an important cause deserves mention...and any excuse to wear these pants a few extra times will be taken!

I can't seem to get my photos to capture the outfit as it is in real life, alas these oddly stiff renditions.  The truth is, this vesty/jacket thing is so cute in person!  I really, really felt great in this, and while I am sure that an adorable pair of silver, pointy toe pumps would have looked amazing with this I wouldn't have lasted 2 hours in them before I switched to flats.  I decided to just skip that whole painful time and go straight to what would last all day.

Enjoy your weekend!  I am off to San Diego with the family for a bit of a holiday, so stay tuned for vacation instagram photobombs!



Saturday, October 5, 2013

Milestone Moment

One year ago today I hesitantly wrote my first ever blog post.  Since then I have almost stopped the blog twice along the way, feeling that my input was neither educational nor inspired.

I still feel that way but have settled on the fact that my posts aren't really meant to be either.  I hate being the focus of photos, so seeking out avenues to make them more beautiful isn't going to happen...remember when I tried that?

Since I'm okay with it, and you guys are all so great and I would miss you terribly if I went away forever, I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and sharing the woes and miscellany of my midlife with you as we go.  I hope you'll all stay with me now that I have admitted I'm okay with the status quo!

On to my current issue.  My misguided love for the printed, elastic bottom blouse.  I went and bought another one.  I couldn't help myself.  Seriously.  This pattern is so beautiful and all in neutrals so that has to count for something.  I made sure I could think of at least 5 ways to wear it so it followed that portion of my rules at least.  Putting it into my first outfit however, was more challenging than I had thought.  Please see the following examples:

tucked all the way into the skirt

untucked but still poufed up higher

fully untucked and pulled low

Yeah so, hmmm.  Not sure I really liked any of the ways it came out!  This skirt is tight fitting, so I was thinking it would balance out the bigness of the shirt.  I'm not really sure it works though?!  So I'm putting it to you all...what's your vote?  How do I wear this shirt with this skirt?


p.s.  Thanks for sticking around this year, and I hope to continue to see you all around for year two!!  ;o)