Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Story of Printed Shorts

Most Horrible Photo Number 1
When the (some kind of) editor of a nationally published and well respected magazine contacts you to see if you would like to submit photos for a "street style" piece because they like what they have seen on your blog you automatically say yes, right?  Why wouldn't you, right?  RIGHT?  Did I mention there was a deadline involved?  Did I mention that I currently didn't own the "featured" item?  Did I mention they requested the background be outdoors?

Did they REALLY read my blog?

Horrible Photo number 2

Because I (really, REALLY) wasn't pleased with any of the photos, I have little doubt that they will not be chosen and so I thought I would at least tell the story.  It's funny.  And I wore red, white and blue so its Memorial Weekend themed (albeit a day or two late for that!)

The "feature" item was printed shorts and how different "street style bloggers" wear them.  {I laugh every time I read "street style" because I am so very not street.}  So, I owned about 5 total pairs of shorts and you can bet your bippy that none of them were printed.  I don't look so great in shorts.  I'm vertically challenged and squatty legged, old and dimplish, and frankly out of shape right now so the idea of submitting photos of myself for a PUBLICATION in printed shorts was horrific, but I felt that I should at least give it a shot...just in case I could be considered for something else in the future.  Like how to style Mumus.

I tried on about 15 different multi colored, floral, checkered, aztec, abstract, and stripey options and hated them all.  In desperation I hit up my local Tommy Hilfiger (which happens to be right next to my store) and found these adorable navy polka dot shorts.  They were long enough to cover a lot of the ugly, but short enough not to be bermudas.  The print was small enough not to cause problems and the base dark enough to hide in.  They were on sale as well so they were coming home to be my first ever printed short, and my feature piece.

The next part is boring...I styled them a bunch of different ways at home and took some test photos to see which I liked the best.  My winner was chosen from the test shots and then the search for a background was begun.

I had a couple of spots in mind, but I didn't want to drag my tripod out and run for the self-timer thereby prolonging the possibility of anyone walking or driving by and seeing me taking my own picture.  There is a REASON I take my photos in my bedroom when no one is in the house.  This meant I had to enlist a helper, and I chose my hubby.

Horrible Photo Numero Tres
Hubby has a plethora of fantastic qualities.  He is cute, smart, funny, organized, kind and an all around great guy.  That being said, he is the WORST portrait photographer.  Ever.  I envy all of you bloggers out there whose hubbies are their photographers.  I always imagined it would be so much easier to have someone else behind the lens.  I was wrong.  I ran up and down the hill looking at every shot and going..."can't you zoom in? There's a hundred feet of room around me, I look like an ant."  Or " Do I really look like that?  Was that really the most flattering picture?  Can't you give me some direction, some motivation?  Can't you make me laugh or something?"  It was beyond ridiculous.  On top of the photo critiquing I had to duck and cover when cars drove by, lest they think I was insane for standing in the wash getting my picture taken.  Then there was the swarm of bees in the palo verde he had to stand near.  It was also 105 degrees out and we were sweatin'.

I think I had him take a total of 10 pictures before I was done.  No amount of coaching was going to save this shot, and I was out of time for the deadline.  I picked the best of the worst, did a little bit of color editing, sent that son of a b on its way and washed my hands of the whole thing.

The Submission
The Submission (2)
Take this story as you will; funny anecdote or cautionary tale.  If a photo editor comes knocking on your email for submissions, perhaps you should think a second before you say yes.  Do you have the requested look in your wardrobe already?  Do you have a good photo background?  Do you have a decent photographer in mind?  All excellent questions my friends.  The answers to which may actually lead you to print-worthy results.


( and to answer the question I know you were asking yourself the answer is no...I didn't own Awesome Navy Tank Top before the deadline, or you can bet that outfit would have been "the one")

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dressing It Up a Bit

Every once in a while I do actually have an occasion to which I can get a little bit dressy.  Now I know that to most of you, this is a pretty casual outfit.  For me however, this is as dressy as it gets unless I'm going to the theater or out to a fancy dinner.  And that happens perhaps once a year...in December when its too cold to be cute anyway.

I am in love with my tube tops again this year for some reason.  Does this shirt count as a tube top even though it's not tight to the body?  What else would you call this type of shirt??  Regardless of its moniker...this thing is going to be worn to death this summer, and probably straight into fall.  Aztec print, fantastic color pallet, matches a whole bunch of junk I already own.   It's a keeper!!

I went with gold accessories here because the buckles on my shoes are gold.  My impulse is to wear silver though.  Next time you see this shirt the turquoise will be just in accents.  Maybe.

The following is what happens when my family is in the house when I try to do my photos...

This is me saying to my husband "Why are you here exactly?"  Quickly followed up by "Don't you dare laugh at me or I will kill you".  Nothin' but love in this house I tell ya.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Visible Pink Pants Again

It's funny that something as outrageous as flamingo colored pants have become an often worn item in my wardrobe arsenal.  Even better is that when paired with a plain white t-shirt I can make them both sing (metaphorically, obviously).

Turquoise cuffs make me want to use my turquoise necklace for a little punch and I am good to go.  Easy, peasy, pink lemonade squeezy.  I do wonder though...am I visible enough?  LOL


Friday, May 17, 2013

The End of Navy Week

I apologize in advance for the quality of the following photographs.  It was mid-day and the lighting just stinks so I had to play with adjusting exposure and obviously my photo enhancing skills are limited to non-existant.

My DH has recently finished the very arduous data collection portion of a grant that he is working on and we threw a party for all the very hardworking grad students and professionals who helped with that part of the project.  It is the part of my "professor's wife" gig that I hate the most because I am so very bad at socializing with people I don't know.  Remember, I'm shy?  Anyhow...I felt I needed a "power outfit" for the day, something I felt great in, but that allowed me the freedom of movement to do all the hostess duties that are required.  What item of clothing jumped into my arms?  You guessed it, Awesome Navy Tank Top.

The neutral basics always work...white skinny jeans and a seersucker blazer, yep you will match perfectly.  Yellow necklace for a pop of color, check.  Power outfit complete. I am happy to say that all the invitees were lovely and that the party went off without a hitch.  I managed to remember everyone's names (a true feat for me) and make small talk like a pro.  Mission accomplished.

Thus ends the Awesome Navy Tank Top chronicle.   No doubt you will see her again very soon.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In the Navy...Take Two

It's time for "Awesome Navy Tank Top" version two.  If you missed it, see Monday's post for "Awesome Navy Tank Top" version one.

This time I paired its awesomeness with my new olive pants, scarf and favorite denim jacket.  You can't even tell its the same shirt, right?  This is the outfit that was in my head when I made the purchase, because a year ago I saw this picture on J's Everyday Fashion and decided that I adore the color combo.
Picture Link
More than a year later and I finally have the two key pieces in my closet. 

It is obviously not an identical copy, but an "inspired by" instead.  I'm still posting it on the Copycat Linkup tomorrow at Trusty Chucks/Texas Lovebirds.  Today of course it's going onto The Pleated Poppy, see you there?

Friday will be "Awesome Navy Tank Top" version three...so stay tuned!



Monday, May 13, 2013

Singing the Blues Again...the Navy Blues

Sometimes a wardrobe piece comes into your life that you weren't especially looking for but blossoms into one of your most used items.

No, it is not the polka dot shorts because they are a post unto themselves.  I recently bought this navy tank top from my store (Gap Factory Store if anyone doesn't know "my" store) and I think I have worn it a dozen times already.   It has become my new closet staple and I had to feature it this week because all my outfit photos seem to be in this shirt! 

We just got back from a little staycation we took in Scottsdale, and this was my Brunch and Bicycling outfit.  Pretty view from our deck, huh?  While we were only gone for 4 days...I did manage to wear this shirt twice!  LOL  So stay tuned for two more outfits this week featuring my new navy tank, and I am sure I have a hundred other ways to wear it in the near future.

I never even knew my wardrobe was missing a plain navy layering piece until I had one.  Keep your eyes open for YOUR next mystery closet staple, you never know what it may turn out to be!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Contemplating Big Things (or not)

Will I ever have an occasion to wear this outfit?  That is the "big thing" I am contemplating.  I sort of love the colors, and I wish I had the kind of job that required me to dress up to this level (sometimes anyway).  The truth is that I can't think of any reason I have to wear this.  Dinner out?  Too business-y for that.  Job interview?  Too casual for that and I don't see that on my horizon any time soon.  Church?  Perfect, but I'd have to both find one and attend it, so um, no.  

I believe it's time to face the facts.  I have purchased a lot of clothing that doesn't really fit into my life.  I have also held onto many items that used to work but no longer do.  In my head I'm thinking "doesn't everyone need a perfect pair of black trousers (or 3)?" but I don't wear trousers.  I wear jeans.  Not to say I couldn't wear trousers, I just don't anymore because of what I am called to do.  The same could be said for the above (and similar other) silk pencil skirt.  Too dressy for my life and just taking up space.  So I have begun to curate (using GCOGH of course!) my closet once again to weed out the things that I have because "everyone should have a _____"  but aren't actually being used in my daily life.

I am sure there will be things that stay that I may not use very often.  I won't get rid of ONE of those perfect black trousers.  But I am going to be VERY picky this time in the things I keep.  I hope to have a nice big bag full to take to Goodwill so some other working girl can use what I am not.  I'm supporting the clothing recycling movement from the top end so that counts, right?!  

The one exception to the clean-out is my shoe collection.  I will use any excuse necessary to keep all my shoes. I can wear pumps and jeans...see The Pinterest if you don't believe me.  Or any fashion magazine in the world.  It's a thing.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oh How I Love Thee

This is my profile picture on Go Chic or Go Home.  
Have you ever found something online that was so helpful, you don't know what you ever did before you found it?  That is kind of how I'm feeling today about Go Chic or Go Home.  Many of you are already members, but if you don't know what GCOGH is yet, I hope you will go check it out IMMEDIATELY.  In the words of creators Cynthia and Robert Brown,  "Go Chic or Go Home is a friendly and down-to-earth style community that offers everything you need to make the most of your daily wardrobe.  Find outfit inspiration, post your own outfits for reference, and use the virtual closet to create ensembles with your own clothes. Members can also earn points towards shopping gift cards or charitable contributions."

I am about to wax poetic about how it works for me, so if you want a peek into my closet, keep reading.