Sunday, June 23, 2013

Short Shift and a Chevron Skirt

Every once in a while, my work shift is short and unencumbered enough for me to wear real heels and a skirt.  Four hours with nothing to do but be a cashier fit the bill! I was excited to break out of my rut and wear something just a little bit different.  Guess what though...I still ended up in denim and a print.  DAMN.

Check out one of my new necklaces.  Ann Taylor Factory was having a 40% off clearance special the other week and I managed to score two very cute gold and crystal necklaces for under $12 each.  I love it when I can find a good deal in someone else's store.

Jacket:  Gap Factory Store--old
Skirt:  Last Chance ($1.97)
Cami:  Last Chance ($4.97)
Shoes:  Target--old
Belt:  Gap Factory Store--old
Necklace:  Ann Taylor Factory

Have a fantastic week!!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013


So listen...I haven't taken a new "outfit picture" since a few weeks ago.  I put the tripod and camera away and haven't gotten them back out and set up yet.  Every time I get dressed for work I think "I should really take a picture of this" and then I don't.  Granted, I am usually running out the door as I think that so time generally does not permit.  It's not a good excuse but there you have it.

If you can suspend disbelief for a moment, you might imagine that this is what I wore on my return to work.  It seems to be my basic uniform of denim bottom, printed top and colorful cardigan.  I never realized that I had such a narrow vision when it came to picking out my outfits but after scrolling through my unused outfit photos in search of something to post I realized that basically they all look the same.  And that is so sad.

I guess it makes getting dressed easier, I certainly have a cardigan to match everything I own and enough denim to clothe an army of size 8 short women.  This blog has always been a "what I wore today" contribution.  I'm not trying to teach you anything (most of the time) because I certainly have nothing new to say.  The outfits I post are really what I wear to work, and because my work is what it is it makes sense that you see me in denim and colorful layers.

I'm bored of the look though...I'm closing in on 100 posts of mostly the same stuff.  Perhaps its time for a little tiny tweak.  Perhaps its time to take photos of outfits I would wear if I had a different type of job, or got dressed on days I didn't actually have to go to work (as I type in mangled, over sized boxer shorts and a stained, XXL t-shirt from 100 years ago).  Perhaps I'm actually too lazy to make that change.  Time will tell.


Friday, June 14, 2013


Hi everyone!!   Home from vacation at last, but now comes the annoying aftermath of dirty laundry, housekeeping and grocery runs.

Glasses and shoes in was a long hike to the sunset!

Since my new best friend Beverly from Beverly Like Hills has linked to my site after we met, I have had more page views than in the entirety of my blog's short and illustrious (NOT) history.  As a result I felt I needed to put something new up ASAP!

This picture my friends, was taken where she lives.  Well, its a few miles up the road from where she lives, but still.  It is no wonder that upon embarking upon summer vacation she thought of the beach.  I don't want to regale you with how amazing she is in real life, it really was a date with a rock star for me.  She laughed at that, but for me it is the truth.  You will all have to plan your own trips to Newport and find out for yourselves.

My family had an AMAZING trip and enjoyed our time in California immensely.  I'm looking for property right now and DH is looking into jobs at UC Irvine.  Kidding!  But seriously, it was great.  Just the right balance of relaxation and activity.  I hope you are all doing well and I promise that I will get back to outfit posting soon. 


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Print Mixing

I'm totally excited to be leaving on vacation tomorrow and am in the midst of packing for the whole family.  Despite my best intentions, I have once again left everything to the last minute.  I hope that I can get it all done this evening so we can be out the door early tomorrow morning.  I have a special meeting that I just can't miss!  

I get to meet Beverly of Beverly Like Hills!! It's kind of like a date with a rock star.

On to the clothes.  These pictures are from more than a month ago when I was still under the impression that growing out my hair would be a good idea.  I do love the print mix I have going on in this outfit though.  The tiny stripe with the big floral really works together, and doesn't seem as jarring as some of my other attempts to shake up my wardrobe.  Let it be known that by "shake up" I mean "cause a slight ripple".  I'm not really that adventurous.

Have an awesome week everyone!!


Monday, June 3, 2013

Work Shorts

Some jobs have very strict dress codes requiring adherence to a rigid set of clothing choices.  Mine is not one of them, but we are required to meet certain standards of dress. Employees are allowed to wear shorts to work, but they must be long enough to reach our knees.

This is my interpretation of a "work shorts" outfit.  It isn't a look I would choose to wear if I didn't have to heed our dress code because I think when shorts are this long on a leg as short as mine, it isn't all that flattering.  However, it is due to be 105 degrees today and the thought of wearing jeans is, um, unpleasant to say the least.

I don't know how much blogging I will get in this week as I was scheduled to work quite a bit and we are preparing for a short trip to Newport Beach, CA and Disneyland next week.  I will be busy on GCOGH trying to come up with just the right clothing capsule so I can look cute and comfortable, instead of just Disney Chic (ie; baseball cap and sneakers) like I normally do.  If I don't make it back here for a few...enjoy your week!!