Friday, November 30, 2012

Distress Call

Ya'll.  I just found out some terrible news.  My normal Friday host, A at Two Thirty-Five Designs, has had a terrible event occur in her life.  Their entire home and almost all of its' contents burned to the ground.  You can read her story on her site.

I only ask that if you are a person of faith, you include her family in your prayers.  I wasn't going to participate in the linky party this week out of respect for her situation, although I'm not sure that would be really what she wanted since she posted it today anyway!  I'm conflicted, and so sad for her.

Today you will receive my normal Monday post, since I am totally bass-ackwards this week.

It was this week's "What I Wore to the Grocery Store" outfit.  You might not even realize that one post a week is from an outfit that falls into that category, but there you have it.  I worked a weird schedule this week so I didn't get to this post until today.  And you can bet your bippies that my family wouldn't survive if I had to wait until Friday to do the shopping!!

I rarely wear this sweater.  I love it, it reminds me of sweaters that my Manny (grandmother) used to knit in the 70's when that marled look was all the rage for knitwear.  However, its really thin and doesn't look great buttoned on me.  If i were much less fluffy than I currently am, I can see more uses for it.  I just have to find my mojo and get back to discipline and denial.  Have I mentioned that I'm no good at either of those?  Perhaps we'll save that for another day.  It's a long story.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Uninspired Copy Cat


I have no time to make up something new to copy, I posted my favorite last week to get us all psyched up for the newest Copycat Linkup with TrustyChucks/Texas Lovebirds.  So this week you get a reflection on a copycat past.

My inspiration?  Well I can tell you this much, it usually comes from someone reposting onto GCOGH or from Pintrest.  This time was the former--although the poster and the blogger are different people in this case.  Confused yet?  Bear with me.

Ariana from Fatale Fashion

I love everything about her outfit.  I can't really see her shoes, but I think they might be basic black pumps.  On the day I was playing with this look, I was reusing the same base pieces (striped shirt, black skinnies, black boots) and changing up the tops.  Therefore my shoes are different, but I like her pumps better.  

I also didn't have a killer scarf like hers, so I added in the color via my necklace.  As a whole, I think it works just fine--and could totally swap out about 10 different shoe options and still be cute--pumps, wedges, flats etc.  Not an exact copy, but close!!

I can't wait to see how many great copycats are out there!!!  Go click the link on the sidebar.  Go.  Do it now.  

Are you still here???


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Out of Order

So many things in my life are out of order, why not the blog too??

This is actually what I wore for Thanksgiving; 5 days ago

Listen, I started the day in these and a gorgeous black turtleneck sweater;

but when you are hosting 22 people and cooking the Thanksgiving Dinner (of which I have not one photo), comfort becomes essential and so I had to change to the wedges and tee you see in the outfit pic.  Alas, not as lovely, but they got the job done.

I posted a Black Friday post last week and am backtracking today to Thanksgiving.  See?  Out of order.  I'm not sure how it happens, but once one thing in my life gets disjointed then everything else seems to devolve around it until I get to the point where I scream and stomp my feet and demand that we start all over again.  That's where I am now, right at this minute.  I'm stomping my feet at the disorder that is my life and demanding a redo. Does anyone else ever feel that way, or is it just me?


Friday, November 23, 2012

Subliminal Messages

Ah, Black Friday.  It seems to me that most people fall into one of two schools of thought when it comes to this day.  You love it or you hate it.

Where do I stand do you think?

My face says it all, doesn't it?  Or is it the skulls on my shirt that send the message?  Perhaps it is the spikes on my shoes then?  Whichever clue reached out to you, I'm sure you have guessed by now which side I'm on.

The sad truth is, while this is what I had planned to wear to work today, my store decided to get all "themey" so I had to wear a plain black top and blue denim instead.  SNORE!  And, not at all in keeping with my attitude for the day either.  

All I can say is, thank God its over!  Now I can sit with my family and watch some tv and eat some delish leftovers.  Until tomorrow.  I have to go back tomorrow.  Early.


It's Casual Friday at Two Thirty-Five;  check it.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today I am thankful for:

1) My family--even the annoying ones
2) Having enough extra to give
3) Electricity so I can cook a drool worthy meal and run the vacuum over the nasty dog hair tumbleweeds
4) A roof over my head, however humble
5) Arizona heat; Thanksgiving Day at 85 degrees
6) God's inspiration everywhere

Have a great day everyone!!


As promised yesterday, I'm talking about linking up yesterday's post today over with Trusty Chucks/Texas Lovebirds for Copycat Thursday.  Go Be Inspired.  Next Thursday the fun begins for real.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Two Birds, One Stone

It's Thanksgiving here in the U.S. so forgive me the "bird" reference!  I am going to work some blog magic to get today and tomorrow's posts done in one fell swoop. (read, I'm not really doing a new post for tomorrow, just linking the same post on a different day).  I am hosting dinner for 22 tomorrow, followed by a 7am starting shift for the always fun if you work in retail Black Friday.  Things will be busy 'round here to say the least.  Let's get to it!

Finally, the original image source!!
I LOVED, loved, loved this photo as soon as I saw it.  I would never have dreamed up the leopard with the bright green, but began my hunt for a copy immediately.  It has taken me until this last shopping trip to pull all the pieces of this little puzzle together!

Here is where I landed~ I didn't wrap my scarf like hers because I also wore a necklace which you can't see because of my awesome posing (gag).  And really, I'm inside, so no sunnys either.  I was totally happy with my copycat outfit, and received a ton of compliments from fellow shoppers the day I wore it.  Winner, 'nuf said.

I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it that is)!  Blessings!

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Go see what everyone else has brewing.

Much Love,

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Last Day of Shopping (she says again)

What I wore to score...

Okay....I promised my friend CC at CC's Cheap Chic that I wouldn't shop for myself from now until after Christmas.  She has many great remixing ideas, and did a hop/linky with others and their remixing ideas.  Between those inspiring ladies, and all my ensembleing (really, is that even a word???) at Go Chic or Go Home I really should be good to go.  And I will be, I mean, I am.

BEFORE I made that promise however, I attended the grand opening of a great new outlet mall here in AZ.  This place has everything you could ever hope for in an outlet mall from Cole Haan to H & M, Gap, Banana, JCrew and the like.  It was a freaking MADHOUSE!  I had to go to support my sister store, whose employees we trained for the past three months, and to see some of my former co-workers who had moved onward to better positions with a different retailer.  

My parents were in town and the hubs was not, so that meant a full on shopping day.  Okay, it meant that I shopped this day and maybe two other days and scored some great items.  Then, I pledged my closed-wallet promise to CC.

Here's what I got: 

Stone skinnies: $19.99
Tartan Scarf:  $14.99
Green Sweater: $10.49 (employee discount)
Hunter Green blazer:  $20.00
Lace Tee shirt:  $7.00
Printed Pencil Skirt: $16.08 
Rad Skull Shirt: $14.99
Total:  $103.54

Note:  I also bought a $20.00 pair of pumps and a $30 pair of cords that I returned because the above were the better deals for my closet.  Looking at that total makes me feel icky though.  I truly didn't NEED any of these things.  I LOVE them, and I will wear them all A LOT, but need doesn't factor in here.  I have learned my lesson, and I am giving over my beloved credit card for a while.  I am going to be thankful for what I ALREADY have.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Color Me Stewart

Plaid is a really hot fabric this fall.  I think really, every fall it seems to creep back into popularity but I'm noticing it everywhere because I love it so much.  Did you ever wonder what the history of it is though?  My DH's family is both Scottish and Irish so we have had the Tartan vs. Plaid discussion on several occasions.

If you want to get technical....Tartan is plaid, but not every plaid is Tartan.  If you want to know the history of it all, you can start here... Tartan vs. Plaid.  If you are REALLY interested, you can go to the Scottish Register of Tartans and search for your own family.

What I found out is that my scarf is the Stewart Dress Tartan plaid and my shoes are the Royal Stewart Tartan.  I have been looking for a scarf in Stewart Dress for a year now, and finally found this one at Target.  I'm in Stewart Tartan heaven I tell you.  I also am in love with the Ancient Black Stewart, but that sounds like a tale for another time.

Linking up with Molly (see YOLO on the sidebar) and Patti (Visible Monday) today, I hope to see you there!!

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Learning to Stand

You all know I'm new at this, right?  So there are things I'm going to have to learn along the way to make this work.  Apparently, one of those things is how to stand for a picture.  I thought I was doing an ok job of it, looking passable in most of the shots.

Then I took these photos (did I mention I hate getting my picture taken?) and realized there is a "good" way to stand and a "not so good" way to stand.  I am behind the curve once again.

Exhibit A:   facing the camera head on....which is in truth what you see in REAL life

Exhibit B:  turn, bump out the FRONT leg, shoulders back....just the right angle

Holy Cats!  I look slim that way!!!  Smoke and mirrors are a good thing to learn when you are plastering yourself on the internet.  I hope I can retake this exact pose from here on out!  Now if I could only work on the face, I'd be money.

Enjoy Casual Friday over at 

See you there!!!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Day in the Life Of...


My parents are coming into town today and I'm sure you can all feel me when I say I have a LOT to do before they get here!  My house is a mess, my car is a mess and I need to get the joint in ship shape really quickly.  That being said, I didn't want to miss out on posting today so I'm going to share this fun link.

A Day in the Life of a Stylist!

There are 25 rounds of styling for you to play with and it tallies your score so you can see how you fare against other savvy fashionistas.  Bonus...the looks are awesome, and they share WHY the pieces work together.

I'll probably be silent for a few days, so enjoy your weeks!



Pleated Poppy Link-Up today ya'll...see who showed up today!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stepping Out

Or...What I Wore to the Grocery choose.

I am off of work this week because DH is out of town.  Normally, this would mean pajamas and yoga pants because I really don't have to leave the house except to do the shopping.  

Now that I've gone all public with this blog however, I figure yoga pants just won't cut it anymore.  To push myself out of my comfort zone I wore my favorite short boots as booties over my $5 leggings.  Perhaps they hit a little too high on my calf to be flattering?  My "matchy matchy" inclination was to wear my high black boots instead, but that felt a little boring.

What do you guys think?  Which boot is best?  Discuss amongst yourselves.

It's Tuesday, so that means its a Real Girl Glam link-up day.  Check it.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Boots Without the Fur

Remember how I said I love my brown boots????  Proof of same, evidenced via the above collage.  I should really change the resolution on my camera so I can make a nicer pullout, but alas I am lazy and you will have to forgive me a little blur.

I scored these super skinny jeans a couple days ago at my store for $2.48 and then wore them to work yesterday with the green ensemble.  Super comfortable for a CRAZY, insane work day but looked chic and on trend.  I wore the grey combo last year with my regular dark wash skinny jeans and always thought it wasn't quite right.  LOVE it with these super skinnies though.  This bargain was a total slam dunk, and makes me love my boots that much more!  So many tops, so little time.

It's YOLO Monday again over at Molly's.  Click the link or the sidebar button, either way go check them out!

Also linking with Not Dead Yet for Visible Monday.  Another lovely set of women for us to get to know, how fun!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Her Royal Highness

Get it?  Royal?

So, when they say you should pull colors from your inspiration piece, is there a limit to how many colors you choose??  I say nope.  The more colors I can mash together, the happier I am.  I REALLY love my plaid shoes.

Carry on.  Enjoy your weekend lovies.

Till Monday,

Friday, November 9, 2012

I Is Tired

That smile is due to my husband walking in while I was  posing for the shot. 

After two days in a row that began at 3:45 A.M. I am pretty much beat right now.  

So, I was perusing my backlog of favorite blogs and seeking out some new inspiration through some other link ups.  I came across Marionberrystyle.  Marion had a boot style link up last month, so I thought GREAT IDEA!  But I was too late to link up.  DARN.

I whined to myself that I'm too tired to take a new photo today so what should I do?  Luckily, I remembered that it is Friday which means it's Casual Friday Link Up at

My profile picture is one of my favorite boot outfits and is also very casual so BAM, problem solved.  A new post and a link up all in one shot.

Apropos of nothing, can I just say that I love my brown Born boots.  They were a $35 find at Last Chance and I think I wear them all fall and winter long, regardless of the fact that it is still in the 90's in Arizona.  I suffer for style, what can I say.

Till next time...


Thursday, November 8, 2012

When is a Bargain NOT a Bargain?

The answer to that my friends is if your "bargain" sits in your closet unworn for more than a year, you wasted your money.  See that dress up there?  I still haven't worn it for anything but this photo session.  Wanna know what I paid for it?  $3.48.  But STILL, I could have done numerous other things with that moolah.  

We have established both that I can't pass up a good deal AND that I work in a retail store, so not to beat a dead horse, but those two things combined is what gets me into trouble.    

I liked this dress when it came in and thought the wrap style would be good for me.  So I waited for it to go on a good promotion but it never did, and then it left for mark-down land and new stuff came in and I forgot all about it.  My attention span is limited, I'll grant you.  Then one day we were emptying out our back-stock of clearance and I found it again on super cheap price-kill, in my size, last one left.  Seriously, I consider those coincidences as signs that I should own that item.  So I bought it.  I brought it home and tried it on and hated it.  It actually has almost a tank style top, not even short sleeves, but a barely capped style rolled edge short sleeve.  And I hate my arms.  And its 115 here in the summer and who wants to wear a cardigan in that heat.  So, my bargain sat in my closet for over a year.  Until just recently when I tried it with this outfit.  I may just wear it yet this season, at least to get my money's worth out of it.   Moral of the story, a bargain is just wasted money unless 1) you LOVE it and 2) you WEAR it...often and in many ways.

Ta Da!!  Lesson learned.

Do you have a bargain item you can't figure out why you bought?  Share your details!  I'm lonely here, talking to myself!!



Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Singing the Blues

Some days I just feel like not thinking too hard about what I'm going to throw on to get to work.  

If I know I have to move merchandise around, hang stuff, fold stuff, climb a bunch of ladders etc., I don't want to be too encumbered with layers.  Don't you find layers to be kind of a pain when you're trying to get stuff done?  Too hot, too much adjusting and joojing (really, how do you spell that sound?) every time you go from one thing to the next.

Those are the days that I go monotone, and today it was the blues.  Lest that get boring however, I did throw on the leopard flats and a necklace.  

I also scored some cute shoes, which would totally change the above look for the next time I'm reaching for something to wear!  Or a new monotone in grey perhaps with these shoes and a red scarf? 

I <3 plaid

Till next time...


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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Am in Control

You are in control as well.

It's Super Tuesday ya'll, so get your ass out there and vote.

No joke, it is your RIGHT and your RESPONSIBILITY to have a say in the governing of this country.  Don't know about the candidates (and really, with all the hype and all the spin it is hard to know what's what)?  Research, ask someone you admire, ask your Dad or your Mom or your Brother/Sister/Best Friend.  Find out enough to make a choice, an informed decision.  Find just one point of view that resembles yours on an issue you are passionate about and vote that way.  Are you getting the message yet?  Just vote.

In 1869, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton formed the National Women Suffrage Association with their main goal being to obtain a woman's right to vote via an amendment to the US Constitution.  In 1878 Susan wrote the Federal Women Suffrage Amendment and it was put before Congress.  It took 42 YEARS of hard work, picketing, civil disobedience and lobbying before the 19th amendment was signed into law in 1920.  Honor the efforts of these, and all the many women who put their lives forward in struggle to gain you this right.  Have your say.

Stepping off of my soap box now (gosh, I get up there a lot).  The truth is that I abhor politics.  BUT, I adore freedom and being in control of my own destiny.  I really hope you do to.

If I were smart, I would have gone all Patriotic on you and dressed in Red, White and Blue.  I said IF I were smart.



Great Hats!!!

Rock the Vote!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ads Do it Better

By now you may have read that I work in the retail sales industry.  With that being said you will probably be surprised to learn that I haven't paid much attention to the clothes in advertisements.  Since becoming an avid style blog reader however, I have noticed that ALL OF THEM pay attention.  In fact, quite a good many use the retail ads to model outfits of their own.

Now, this might be a DUH to everyone else, but for me it was an "Ah Ha" moment.  How exactly can I work in the industry and not be doing exactly the same thing???  In my defense...I just do it in the store, I use the mannies as inspiration or pull outfits straight from our visual guides.  But I have surely been missing out.  At the very least, I should be using them as references for layering, color and pattern mixing and trend variances.  I shall illustrate...

GAP Rocks a Sweater Dress
These Outfits plus more here...

One great sweater dress in three amazing outfits.  Stores don't normally do that with their mannequins.  At most they would only showcase one of these outfits with others wearing different looks from the collection.  Hence, Ads do it better.  Instead of tempting you to buy possibly 3 pieces to complete one ensemble they can potentially sell you many more items to multiply your fashion possibilities.  Nice.  Or it can be purely my inspiration to throw a sweater over a dress and add a military jacket and boots.  Either way, its a win.

I better start paying attention, I'm late to the game.


Friday, November 2, 2012

When She Was Good, She Was Very Good Indeed....and When She Was Bad She Was Horrid

Soooooo....Longfellow characterized me perfectly with that poem, even though I don't have a little curl on my forehead.  And I'm not very little.  Okay so the good and bad parts are totally me.

Remember a few posts ago how I said I was trying not to buy any clothing for myself for 3 months?  I did really well for exactly 31 days.  Then I had a breakdown.  The results are here....  I was horrid.

Shopping Day One

Shopping Day Two

I guess I have some explaining to do???  Okay, bear with me because I have totally mastered the art of making excuses.

1)  I really, really, REALLY thought about how I could use every single item before I committed to purchasing it.  I followed Kendi's Rules and considered a minimum of three different outfits per piece.  Truth be told, I can come up with more than that for almost all of them.

2) A couple of these pieces have been on my "must add to closet" master list; the leather biker jacket, booties and the neutral snake skin shirt specifically.

3)  As I have said before, I am unable to walk away from a good deal.  The navy skirt is Michael Kors and if you zoom in on the tag you will see I paid $4.97.  Same price for the other skirt.  I paid $59.00 for the leather jacket.  It is Real leather people and it is soooo soft and has amazing detail.

4) Because I said so.  (doesn't make any sense?  I'm a Mom and therefore it does)

So perhaps I will do better in November and I'll spend all my money on food and wine instead.  



p.s.   I'm already wearing some of my new haul, like a kid going back to school!

What's not to love about Merlot Polka Dots? ;o)

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