Sunday, July 7, 2013

White Hot Classic

We had some family in town this week which meant no work and lots of traveling around town.  In the 115 degree heat.

Forgot to take off my glasses...

I looked to white to take the heat off, with long sleeves to protect me from the harshest rays of the desert sun.  It may seem counter-productive to wear long sleeves when its that hot out, but I swear to you it works.  We did spend a lot of time indoors in heavy air conditioning while shopping and dining, so there is that as well.

Like denim, white is my "go to" for so many outfits.  It can dress up or down, goes with everything you own, and looks fantastic on everyone (well, according to Jan, ALMOST everyone but not her).  It is a true classic.  Paired with a military styled shirt and conac accessories, it was just what this occasion called for.  White.  Hot.  Classic.


[you might find this funny....I rarely take outfit photos with my glasses on even though I wear them all day, every day; whereas Beverly takes MANY of her outfit photos wearing her glasses, but rarely wears them in actuality.  Isn't that funny?  Just something I learned when we visited...]

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

If Denim Didn't Exist

Let's face it, if denim didn't exist as a wardrobe staple I would be both out of a job and a lot less enthusiastic about getting dressed in the morning.

I can whine all I want to about always including it in my outfits but if I REALLY had to go for any length of time without it I would be hard pressed to come up with too many options that work for my day to day life.  I gave it a shot this week and after 3 days I was done.

My life, apparently, revolves around my denim.  And I have decided that that is OK by me.  I might play dress up for you every now and then, I got some great ideas in the comments last week (thanks for those...Annette, Monica, Heather, et al).  But more often then not, you will see me include some form denim in my outfits.

I know that's OK with you guys, because you rock.