Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pink Pants and a Sassy Attitude

If you've been with me all week, you will know that this is pink pants look number four.  Just like look one with the grey, I think the light chambray blue is a perfect foil to the warmth and brightness of the pink pants.  The pants easily translated to a super casual look with the rolled hem and addition of my trusty chucks (a nod here to Ms. Mary at Trusty Chucks)!  I did feel like the pieces were a little separate though...sort of like the pieces in the game Life--did you have a boy or a girl?  So in search of a scarf to link the colors, I found something even better...

A TIE!!!  How fun.  I confess though, I do not know how to actually tie a tie even though I have watched DH do it a hundred times.  If I had taken a close up, you'd see it is balanced up there very precariously.  So much so I resorted to this.

Yep, a tie adjustment picture, with a BIG attitude!  LOL.  I'm a big goof, what can I say.


**I am going home (back to the East Coast that is) for the holidays ya'll and I leave tomorrow!!  I will be away for 2 weeks and am still not sure how I will manage to blog or even if I am bringing my computer.  No one in my family or any of my friends know that I even HAVE a blog so keeping that secret might be a bit tough if I continue it in their presence!  If you don't see me in the next few days, then I've opted out and I'll be back in January!  I wish you all God's blessing this season and always.  Much love!!


  1. Have a great holiday! Enjoy the time with your family. :)
    I had a hard time telling people about my blog too. Why is it so much easier to put ourselves out there for complete strangers?? LOL!

    See you soon! Happy Travels,

  2. Cute pants! I appreciate your comment about sharing the blog. I posted for a few months without telling people and then quit posting altogether for over a year. I started very recently again and this time I'm sharing, although I have a ton to learn and my blog still has a "rookie" look. (Can't take a good picture for the life of me!) If people truly love me, they will cheer me on even if blogging isn't their "cup of tea." Go 40+ blogger! :) Didn't know they had a button for us!

  3. I love the sass you are workin' the camera with, Alyssa! I love colored bottoms and the pink is just so cheerful!!! ~Sarah of Sarah Hulbert Style

  4. HAHA i love this!! what a fabulous tie!!xx

  5. Well, hey, sassy pants. What a cute look. I love the addition of the denim button down.
    My husband's sister was visiting a few months ago and was talking about her blog (which is about the environment and intellectual). John started to say "Oh, Lisa's got a bl " and shot him THE look that said with my eyes "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Don't say it!!!" haha And he immediately stopped before he finished the work blog and changed the subject. lol After she left I informed him not to tell anyone. haha I don't know why I was embarrassed about my little hobby....but I feel some people might think it's weird.
    Have a wonderful trip and holiday!

  6. I love the addition of the tie - what a fun idea! And the chucks are perfect.:) Hope you enjoyed your time away with family!

  7. Everyone...thanks so much for all your kind words! I've been away, but I'll be back soon to all my regular replies!! Love.