Friday, January 18, 2013

Faces in the Crowd

Well, it has happened.  Someone out there has recognized my genius.  KIDDING!  I was so touched that Jackie from My Caribbean Closet considered me for this blogger to blogger award.  She is the cutest thing who lives a life I can only dream of.  Go check out her blog if you don't believe me.  No...go check it out right now regardless.

Most of my (now 8!) readers already know what this is...but for those of you who may not, the Liebster Award is simply a tool to help those bloggers with under 200 followers get the word out about themselves, and to share the love with other bloggers in the same boat.  There is no judge, no jury and no real award other than that button and some bragging rights.  You get to post that sucker on your site as confirmation that someone, somewhere likes what you have to say and what you have to offer.  There are some questions involved, to be answered and then asked and some nominations to be made as well.  Be prepared, this is the stuff that forces you to think.

So thank you again to Jackie, for including me in your list of nominees.  I hope I live up to your expectations.

Here are my answers to the 11 questions that Jackie asked her nominees.

1.  What is the best advice you ever received?

     "If you can't say something nice, then shut the fuck up".  Really, its as simple as that.          There is enough negativity in the world as it is and I don't want to add to it.  If only I could instill this in my 15 year old son towards his sister, my life would be so much easier!  Swearing isn't negative, is it?

2.  Tell us about your blog:  What kind of camera do you use to take your photos, and do you have help or take your own pictures?

     This is really two separate questions, so I'm answering the second.  I use a Nikon D3100 set on automatic because I have yet to teach myself its true features.  I use a jerry-rigged tripod of baskets and books set on a chest at the foot of my bed and use the self-timer feature to snap my lovely images with whatever natural light is available that day and the poor overhead lighting in my room.  Someday I will buy a real tripod and expand my photographic capabilities.  Until then you get background consistency.

3.  What are your five "go to" pieces in your wardrobe?

     I do not work in an office environment, so I'm sure my "go to" pieces are different from most.  I WANTED to say a black 3 piece suit (blazer, pants, skirt); white button down shirt; black shoe trinity (pumps/flats/boots); white t-shirt and a good pair of jeans because the reality is that with those staples in your wardrobe you can do anything.  The TRUTH for me though is more like:  Dark wash, boot fit jeans; black skinny jeans, black boyfriend blazer, brown riding boots and leopard flats.  And yoga pants, don't forget the yoga pants.

4.  If you could meet/interview any one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

     I would love to sit down with President Abraham Lincoln.  Why?  Well, why wouldn't you?

5.  What "gadget" can you not live without?

     I'm not sure if it counts as a gadget, but my coffeepot is the one thing I can not live without.  You think this wit comes without a high caffeine quotient?  I think not.

6.  Saturday or Sunday?

    Friday!!  Seriously.  Saturday is almost always a work day for me and Sunday is spent thinking about how close Monday is, but Friday;  the whole weekend lies ahead of you with its 48 hours of bliss just hours away.  Friday is THE DAY.  They didn't coin the term TGIF for nothin', know what I mean?

7.  Winter or Summer?

     No contest.  Summer for sure.  I am a beach girl at heart and I despise the cold.  If we are talking about it in reference to clothing however?  I love the layering and warmth of winter clothing and despise bathing suits so there you have it.  I am, if nothing else, a contradiction even to myself.

8.  Salty or Sweet?

   Have I established the fact that I am NOT an either/or type of gal?  Give me BOTH-salty then sweet right in a row or even at the same time, but don't make me choose.  I refuse.

9.  What is your favorite holiday?

     Thanksgiving.  Sadly it is now the most rushed through holiday of the year, sandwiched as it is between the money making giants of Halloween and Christmas.  For me it is a time to pause and truly count my many blessings, to be utterly thankful for the family and friends I am privileged to walk through life with.  You eat a great meal, drink some yummy wine, laugh, chat and reminisce--how can you NOT love Thanksgiving?!

10.  In your opinion, what is your best trait or feature?

     I love my lips.  They are lush and full and dramatic.  My lips are what all those romance novelists write about.  Not that I'm reading any romance novels.  I swear.

11.  What do you wish people knew about you?

     People in "real life"?  I'm not bitchy, just shy and socially awkward.  I swear.
     People in "the blogosphere"?  You all amaze and inspire me with your creativity and I    am terribly jealous of all your great ideas.  Petty, but true.

Okay...Leibster's next requirement is 11 facts about me (as if the above 11 answers haven't been enough enlightenment)

1)  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, which I have never had cause to utilize since none of my jobs were "in the field".

2)  I believe in natural child birth and breastfeeding but I won't debate you about it, so don't bother.

3)  I still have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing with my life.

4)  If I could do any job in the whole world, I would be an Orca trainer at Sea World.  Even though there is a large possibility that I would be eaten by said whales.

5)  I prefer babies to teenagers.  Babies are like messy luggage, teenagers are mostly just messy.

6)  I love to travel, but sometimes can't be bothered to even leave my house.

7)  I believe that technology and social media, while all well and good for the fully formed (and slightly bored) adult, will be the ruination of our youth.

8)  I could spend an entire day in my comfy chair, snuggled under my comfy blanket and reading a book or several.  If only someone would let me.

9)  I like wine, but I'm not a wine snob.

10)  I have a terrible time remembering people's names, which has led to many very awkward social encounters with my husband wherein he expects introductions.  I'd rather look rude than stupid.

11)  I have a "problem" with shoes.  That sounds worse than it actually is.  I have a PROBLEM with grammar.  That you can probably tell.

Next on the Leibster List:  My 11 Nominees! In Alpha order so as not to assign my love sequentially, as that would be impossible.  I chose these women for their wit, their style, their frugality, or their passion and because I think more people should know about them.  I want to be real life friends with all of these ladies and I think you will agree with me on that.  Go check them all out. Nominees...if you actually have more than 200 people following you already, I just couldn't find a list on your blog and I love you, so there.

Misty--Across and Down a Little Bit
Beverly--Beverly Like Hills
Amber--Butane Anvil
CC--CC's Cheap Chic
Niki--Fashion @ 40
Anna--For the Love of Clothes
Stacey--Gray Skies
Alice--Happiness at Mid-Life
Renita--My Life While Shopping
Debbi--She Accessorizes Well

Lastly for Leibster, here are my 11 questions for the nominees.

1.)  What did you want to be when you grew up and how/why/did that vision change when you did?
2.)  If you could only follow one blog (not your own) which would it be and why?  It doesn't have to be a fashion blog, fyi.
3.)  What is the most expensive thing you ever bought as an indulgence for yourself, and what is the story behind it?
4.)  Which word or phrase do you most overuse?
5.)  How do you relax?
6.)  What single thing would improve the quality of your life (and don't say money)?
7.)  What do you consider your greatest achievement (and children do not count here if you have them)?
8.)  What is your biggest regret?
9.)  Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you.
10.)  Does your blog accurately reflect all of you, a part of you, or is your blog persona completely different from the "real" you?  Details please.
11.)  The Book or The Movie?
(and I will stop following you if you choose wrong, just so you know)

Now its your turn.  And as with any good chain letter, if you don't re-post in 11 days bad luck will eternally follow you.  I added that last bit, that's not really true.  It seems everyone changes Leibster along the way and I thought I should call a spade a spade! ;o)  Have fun and I look forward to reading all of your amazing answers.  Thanks for inspiring me!

Pearls and a satin bow screamed "Award Winner" to me.
 Ignore the Christmas tree and my never smiles for pictures DH.



  1. I can't believe you found and picked ME! Reading the comment you left on my blog yesterday TOTALLY MADE MY DAY!

    I love your blog and I'm already getting some great ideas from you. For one, I'd never heard of Copycat Thursday - what fun! Isn't it also great how we're both about the same age - there doesn't seem to be that many mid-lifers out there doing the fashion blog thing or maybe I just haven't found them yet? Anyhow, I'm going to go and get started on my "assignment".

    Thank you again for choosing me, Alyssa! I'm so looking forward to following your Matchy Matchy Midlife!

    1. Renita-- So glad you are excited! I can't wait to read your answers!


  2. Thank you for picking me. I will get busy on that post right away or I won't get it done because I am a horrible procrastinator!

    We just had family photos taken and my DH did not smile either. Well no one did but me. Everyone else was worried about wrinkles showing. I was just worried about my neck fat, ha!

    By the way, all your features are beautiful - smile, eyes, hair... you are gorgeous and I know you will have 200 followers in no time at all.

    1. Debbi-- you are most welcome my dear! I too know what it is to be a procrastinator! I can't wait to read your answers though so don't put it off too long!

      (stop with the compliments already, I'm blushing!! ) But thanks for your kind words all the same.


  3. Thank you, Alyssa! My post is live now! ;)

  4. Alyssa, you are so sweet to give me this award! I've been a lazy blogger lately, but I'll finally be posting the answers to my questions tomorrow!

  5. Awe, thanks for the kind words Alyssa! You have a great sense of style, and a great blog!

  6. Alyssa,
    Better late than never, right?! Thanks so much for picking me! The post is finally finished and being posted...
    Loving the blog, keep it up!
    XO, Anna

    1. Yeah Anna! So excited to read it! Thanks for playing along.