Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Makin' It Work

My watch reads 7:13 and the poor picture quality tells you that it is the a.m. before I had to drop the kids to school and head to work.  The good news here though is that I'm making that Lemon-drop necklace work for me.  

I hadn't received the necklace before I found these adorable flats on clearance at Old Navy, but had planned many an outfit starring the two together.  When the necklace came and was such a disappointment I had almost despaired of using either.  But, being the former Girl Scout I am, I persevered and used the damn necklace anyway.  Know what?  I think it looks ok!  I mean, unless you touch it you can't really tell it's crap.  I tried to sneak in a closeup of it, but obviously my camera skills on self timer are not that great.

What do you think?  Can you tell I'm wearing cheapy neck bling or does it pass as a more expensive piece?


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  1. At first I though .. oh, I wear black pants, white shirt, jeans jacket .. so? But ahhhh, I never add that brilliant pop of color! So awesome! I must do this.


  2. Love the yellow shoes and the necklace looks fine in the pictures. People don't usually get close enough to see the quality of necklaces anyway. :)

  3. Totally works. Not a dang thing I'd change about this outfit!

  4. Great pops of color! (Sounds like something Teddy Roosevelt would say!) The necklace looks fine, especially with those shoes to match.

  5. Loving the yellow!

  6. From here, I have no clue that is a crappy necklace cause it sure doesn't look it. Love the pops of colour in your outfit.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  7. No problem here. If you're passing off red rhinestones as rubies that's one issue, but since the necklace was designed to look just like what it is ... bright acrylic shapes on a chain ... it retains a certain integrity 'cause it is what it is. Does that make sense? This very cute design seems meant to stay casual. While I admit that even plastic can have high design and manufacture, it may be a style that looks dated after a while. Perhaps a place in the wardrobe where economy is okay?
    It looks sweet with your little flats, and makes your denim look like a lot more than just throwing on jeans and a tee-shirt. Completely work appropriate. So I vote: wear it in casual contentment.

  8. I completely agree with Jan.
    A yellow plastic necklace isn't pearls & diamonds and it doesn't pretend to be.
    But is a lovely fashion accessory and together with your yellow flats it makes a jeans outfit look really chic.
    You look great!

    Lady of Style

  9. You have a great sense of style, Alyssa! I love how you matched your formal and preppy clothes. Also, you made a good choice on your accessories to match your outfit. The bright charms and your watch were all fantastic! You look very sassy!

    Melissa Yoder @ South Florida Coins & Jewelry