Sunday, July 7, 2013

White Hot Classic

We had some family in town this week which meant no work and lots of traveling around town.  In the 115 degree heat.

Forgot to take off my glasses...

I looked to white to take the heat off, with long sleeves to protect me from the harshest rays of the desert sun.  It may seem counter-productive to wear long sleeves when its that hot out, but I swear to you it works.  We did spend a lot of time indoors in heavy air conditioning while shopping and dining, so there is that as well.

Like denim, white is my "go to" for so many outfits.  It can dress up or down, goes with everything you own, and looks fantastic on everyone (well, according to Jan, ALMOST everyone but not her).  It is a true classic.  Paired with a military styled shirt and conac accessories, it was just what this occasion called for.  White.  Hot.  Classic.


[you might find this funny....I rarely take outfit photos with my glasses on even though I wear them all day, every day; whereas Beverly takes MANY of her outfit photos wearing her glasses, but rarely wears them in actuality.  Isn't that funny?  Just something I learned when we visited...]


  1. 115 degree heat, yikes. Right now, Florida is amazing cool compared to that. Crazy weather.

  2. White always looks so fresh and you look terrific. Thanks for linking up to VisibleMonday!

  3. I wear glasses all the time now too, but rarely photograph in them. I used to wear contacts, but I woke up one day and my eyes went kooky and said no more. I was disappointed about that, but life goes on.
    LOVE this white w/military green look. I wish I had that shirt in my closet. The colors you wear always look amazing. I think what I really need are that armoire and green plant to pose by. ha

  4. Looking good, Alyssa! Love the white and green. I'm wearing a lot of white today, too. It's about the only thing to wear when it's this hot in AZ. I noticed your glasses right away -- CUTE! I wear glasses, too, but only when I'm driving or reading (which is probably most of the time) but have yet to take a picture in them. Maybe next time. You've inspired me.
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  5. Love this look Heather! I don't wear too much white - I think I am too prone to accidents and will typically get a stain on it right away. I really like it with the neutral colors.


  6. Great Summer Look! I pose outside and have it with my glasses, but always get a glare... No worries, I have prescription sunglasses. I do wear contacts as well, but that just means other sunglasses...
    So funny, about Beverly- She has her own Clar Kent Persona!

  7. What a gorgeous sun tan you have - this is what we are completely missing in Germany this year: summer, sunshine, heat and a sun tan.
    Of course I understand that your current temperatures are not pleasant but we are desperate for some extra degrees, believe me...

    The white is such a contrast to your skintone and paired with khaki is looks fabulous. I'll wear similar colours in my next post but it won't be as sparkling as your look!

    Lady of Style

  8. I do really like the green khaki with white. You look fresh and classy...and cool. And sleeves are a good strategy for outside heat/inside freeze (seems there's no middle ground with air conditioning). It is funny about glasses. I hardly wear mine, though I really need them. My kids will bring them to me when they see me squinting. But actually, I think they look cool. Yours are almost invisible (maybe that's because I'm not wearing mine right now?)

  9. What, Beverley doesn't actually wear her glasses?! They're so much a part of her style! And I think you look great in glasses, too. Why not photograph them?

    The white outfit looks so cool and classic. At 115 degrees you need all the help you can get! I know what you mean about long sleeves - I guess that explains the long tunics they wear in the Middle East.

  10. Geeeeeze ... 115 degrees? Company in the house? You look great, way better than you should after a week like that! Hope was fun, and you look rested and pretty! Like your very cool jacket, and the color next to your very tanned skin looks fabulous. Yes, the white is amazing on you.
    Glasses or no, you look pretty either way.

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