Thursday, February 27, 2014

Closet Problems

The "shirts" section of my closet

I had the day off yesterday and went shopping.  An unusual past-time for someone who works in retail probably but something I really do enjoy.

I knew I only had a few hours to browse around and wasn't looking for anything in particular...that "list" everyone recommends not anywhere in my consciousness.  I went to TJMaxx first and although I tried on about 7 different pairs of shoes came away with nothing.  Possibly a first for me and that store.

Then I went into Old Navy which is conveniently located right next door.  This is, after all, part of "my" company and I always check in for deals.  I immediately found some adorable camo super skinny jeans and was sad that they looked terrible on me, even in a size up.  They did have some great deals in their clearance section though, and  I ended up coming home with two printed tops and a pair of navy, 7inch shorts.

Once home, I shot some photos of recent purchases so I could update my GCOGH closet and start thinking of ensembles for the newbies.  While hanging up my new shirts I realized something.  I have a closet problem.  I have a printed shirt addiction.  I vaguely recall making a sweeping edict that I was only going to shop for solid neutrals some time ago, but obviously that hasn't taken root in my brain.

Why do I think it's a problem?  You can't really do toooooo much remixing of a shirt with such gregarious are certainly memorable in their loudness and color.  Hard to wear too close together in time, thus rendering them once a monther's at best.  Is that really a good investment?  Perhaps if I were BETTER at the whole remixing thing it wouldn't be such a drag.  I wear every one of them with jeans.  I have created a new uniform for myself.  I match my shoes to the top.  I am still Matchy-Matchy.

I rest my case.



  1. I have the exact opposite problem .. I buy too (TOO many) solid tops and hardly any prints.


    1. Monica...maybe we ought to mix our wardrobes together and see what shakes out?! LOL

  2. Yeah, but it's classic! And there's a bit of return to matchy-ness with shoes. Your musing here made me think instantly the photo (link below) of the very subtle, ladylike and pitch-perfect dresser, Lupita Nyong'o. Particularly see the side note ... this works for you too, I think.
    And I'll bet you don't look so matchy-matchy when you're carrying your bag, which I also bet that you don't match to your shoes.
    But I also hear what you're saying. I've been doing far fewer prints lately, but will never dismiss them entirely. I've had some luck avoiding prints by taking them away from myself, like a bad child's toys. Put them in another closet or in a box and see what's left.
    Hope all is going well.

    1. Holy crap found "me" on a real blog!! LOL that is fantastic. And NO, my bag did not match my shoes. But that's only because I'm too dang lazy to change my bag! ;o)

      If I took away my prints Jan...I would have about 4 shirts to work with. I am just not that into minimalism!! LOL