Thursday, March 6, 2014

Denim Duplication

Sometimes the flow of the universe is hidden from me and sometimes it is not.  I am not talking about deep, metaphysical relationships here...just the ordinary coincidences that can occur in life.  Yesterday I was trying to find a new Thursday home to link with and wasn't happy with anything I found.  Today in my bloglovin' feed what do I see?  My girl Pam @ Over 50 and Feeling 40 (and two of her bloggy friends) hosts a Thursday link hop!  Even better?  It's a Favorite Things theme!  Providence?  I feel that it is since my pictures for today were these.

What topic would be more appropriate for me to discuss in a "Favorite Things" post than my adoration of denim?  I wear denim almost every day.  I wear it to work, and to play.  Heck, I have some jeans comfortable enough to sleep in!  Denim is such a hugely versatile fabric...jeans, shirts, jackets made in every iteration and style, it is used throughout the fashion industry.  Washed out, tailored, distressed, double dyed, processed, coated or color; denim is where its at.

It's safe to say that denim is my favorite neutral.   It plays well with every color in my closet and is the perfect foil to all my [many] printed tops.  There are cuts that flatter every body size and shape and can be worn successfully by all age groups.  Trends in denim may ebb and flow like every other style out there, but surely it's a wardrobe staple.  Or it should be.

Please go and visit these fine ladies, and all their friends as we enjoy sharing our favorite things!  You will find links for fashion, beauty, recipes, crafts and more.

Pam @ Over 50 Feeling 40
Katherine @ Katherine's Corner
Nina @ Vintage Mama's Cottage

Thanks for sharing my favorite thing today!


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  1. I love jeans too .. if I couldn't wear jeans to work .. I'd be crushed! I really like your distressed jeans .. ripped enough to be cool, but not too much where you're like - why did you buy those? lol


  2. Dropping by from Katherine's Corner for the blog hop.
    I agree, denim is the best! I once had a denim couch and I regret passing it down to my daughter to this day! Sue

  3. denim is my favorite too. You look lovely. I love over sized denim ( chambray) shirts too. Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop ♥

  4. I used to hate denim because it was so stiff and never understood why everyone but me love them. So glad they have made so much improvements in the fabric and I do live in denim all weekend long. Great outfit and love the 1/2 tuck - I can never rock it without feeling silly.


  5. I think I like you so much in denim because of your hair color! I really love brown and blue, and you always look fabulous in these shades.
    Happy you found a new linky where you're comfy and can have some fun!