Thursday, October 11, 2012

Adventure Day

Zoo Day was AWESOME!!

It was pouring down rain early this morning and I thought we were going to have to cancel, but the rain stopped which made the weather just right for our adventure.  12, her friends and 10 were all very well behaved and best of all appreciative of the hour drive involved to get there.  It's nice when the manners you try to instill in your kids are actually witnessed by someone other than complete strangers.  Did you ever notice that?  Random people will come up and tell you how great your kids are, and while you are beaming with pride and saying "thank you, we try" or something similarly obsequious, you're thinking to yourself "MY kids? Since when?!"

Regardless, it was a fun way to spend the day and the weather was nice enough to take off my jacket and go sleeveless.  Don't judge me because I wore Camo to the zoo, ok?

There is actually a pink and orange
Dragon embroidered on the back
of this skirt so the pink isnt' random.

Here are some of the animals the kids had to study for their projects, and some that were too cute not to share!

May I help you?

Just Hanging Around

Wadda YOU looking at?

Ghost Ocelot?

Well Hello There!

Momma and baby (2 days old)

The Cheetah Brothers

My favorite, the Squirrel Monkey

God's honest truth...out of the 46 pictures I took today (what did I ever do before digital?) there were children in 3 pictures.  Sad but true.  



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