Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Break Failure

It is fall break week for two of my three kids, the 12 year old and the 10 year old.  Last year I was working full time and missed out on all the fun things they did with their Dad during fall break, so this year I took the whole week off in anticipation of FUN TIMES!

It's Wednesday now and so far our FUN TIMES consisted of a day spent fruitlessly in search of elusive Halloween Costumes.  12 knew exactly what she wanted, but no store had exactly the right Greek Goddess costume (Artemis, if you must know is not a popular costume.  Go figure).  I'm still not sure what she had in mind, but we did not find it out there in retail land.  10 didn't really have a clue what he wanted to be as usual.  He generally opts for costume that will require the purchase of plastic weaponry to complete the look.  He has done Policeman (handcuffs and handgun required), Army Ranger (a plastic rifle of some sort), Fireman (an axe), Ninja (multiple swords and throwing stars) and Gangster (another plastic rifle).  Eventually though, he spotted a Robin Hood costume that he thought looked pretty awesome.  Unfortunately for him, it was a Men's XXL.  Six HOURS and 10 stores later, totally not joking, we came home empty handed.  I went online and had 2 perfect costumes within 10 minutes.

Needless to say, we are sitting around the house today vegging in front of the TV (separately for some reason).  Tomorrow at least it's a day at the zoo and the weather promises to be no higher than 85 degrees.  I am very much looking forward to that, even though it is really due to a school assignment that we have to go in the first place.  I also get to bring two of 12's friends along, since they have the same project to do.  Hmmmm, I think that when I decided to go back to working only part time I MAY have made an error in judgement.  Perhaps.  Possibly.  Probably.  Alas, someone's gotta do it so it may as well be me.  At least I like the zoo!  (and the kids, but less so them)


What I wore for 6 hours of shopping.
It was 100 degrees
I was hot, but it looked cute!


  1. Oh, those flats are nice. You wore that in 100 degree weather? wow!

    1. Thanks Carolynn! Yes, it was not my best idea ever. I wanted very much for to feel like fall since it was fall break. The truth is, in AZ it still doesn't feel like fall where I live!

  2. I love that scarf and the pretty yellow! Halloween costume shopping drives me batty. It brings out the indecisiveness in my children. :)