Monday, October 8, 2012


I found out something important today, something particularly relevant to this endeavor.  There is already someone on the blogroll posting things as Mrs. Matchy Matchy.


If you remember, a whole two posts ago I explained how I am old.  I am going to blame this little mix up entirely on that fact.  You see, when I was young computers were virtually non-existant.  Rather, they existed but they were huge and room sized and did important things for who knows what kind of purposes.  There was no such thing as the personal computer and our word processing was done on the typewriter.  You heard me, a typewriter.  Let me be high school I took both Home Ec. and Typing as electives, which tells you a little something about me I guess.  I loved the IBM Selectric typewriter we used in typing class so much that when my Dad's office "upgraded" to the slimmer, more modern IBM Wheelwriter I begged him to snag me my own Selectric.

The thing weighed about 20 pounds and had changeable, metal font globes.  It was awesome.  I dragged that bad boy to college and happily earned money typing many a term paper for friends and boyfriends.  I know my school did have a computer lab where you could wait in line for hours to use one of the 10 computers to type your papers using the (now) archaic WordPerfect 4.5 program, but I was perfectly happy with my blue beast.  
This is what my Selectric looked like!
Font Globes

Eventually though I did come around and learn to love the computer.  I was even among the first (I'm sure) people who booted up that free AOL floppy disc and waited interminably for the dial up connection to be made.  I shamelessly abused my company's internet connection going on every pregnancy and motherhood website I could while pretending to do research for work.  I got involved in a very early social website called Moms Online and constantly checked for messages and feedback on posts and pictures.  

How then, HOW, with all this past history did I neglect something as important as a simple search to see if the name I was choosing was already in use?   Easy, I'm old.  There is really no other excuse.  So I apologize for not being original enough in choosing a name for my new blog and for not remembering to do a search first.  I have changed the name of the blog, and really it better reflects me anyway.  I will sign off as myself from now on--and hope to make fewer "old lady" mistakes going forward. 




  1. Oh my goodness, you are too cute! You'll find a lot of similarities in the blogging world. I get mixed up sometimes. :)
    I remember using a typewriter in college to type up my essays and how white-out was my best friend.

  2. Ah white out. Good times, good times. Lol

  3. We live and learn. I'm so glad we are not using typewriters anymore!!