Friday, October 26, 2012

Baby Steps

At the beginning of October I made a mental challenge to go 3 whole months without buying any new clothes for myself.  Inspired by what I'm learning by trolling fashion blogs and playing on GCOGH I thought for SURE that it was going to be an absolute cinch. I am having so much fun in my closet.  Really, I am.  See how many things I can do with one dress? (one dress that I have only ever worn once, and wore like the first image in the set, no accessories at all)

I couldn't believe that a skirt over a dress could work, but it did!!!

Okay, so the reality is that I am finding it VERY difficult!  I am (apparently) a compulsive shopper.  I find it hard to turn away from a trend, and impossible not to buy something that is a good deal.

Case in point.  I went to Target to get a couple last minute Halloween things which should have totaled less than $20.  I left the store with over $150 of merchandise.  Among other things, my purchase included not one but TWO queen-sized, Thomas O'Brien sheet sets.  They were $15 and $13, and I was unable to leave the store without them.  They are of good quality and about 90% cheaper than they normally are.  Then I came home and hid them in my linen closet.  My husband isn't as appreciative of a good deal as I am.  He pays the bills.

Listen, I'm blessed with abundance in my life.  I want for nothing, and feel terribly lucky that this is so.  Why do I have this need for more stuff then?  Why do I think I always NEED that new shirt, or killer pair of shoes?  This challenge has really made me pause, reflect and so far, put back those clothing deals I used to believe I couldn't live without.  It is only October 26 and I haven't broken down yet.  Baby steps people, baby steps.

Of course, housewares and clothes for DH and my kids aren't included in the challenge so my lust for stuff is still being met.  Perhaps I need to redefine the parameters of the challenge?  Or I could just give myself a break and enjoy the luxury of not having to worry.  Hmmmm.  Food for thought.  Feel free to weigh in.



  1. Alyssa, I am doing a shopping ban challenge with a few of my friends on my blog until mid-December. I'd love for you to join in with us. Sometimes doing something as a group makes it a little easier. One of my friends, Peggy has a $20 a week 'allowance' that is helping her keep things on track, I am just going cold turkey. ;)
    Also, come by and link this post up on my linky from Thursday - remixing your closet. ;)