Sunday, October 28, 2012

Old Togs, New Tricks

Do you have that wardrobe item that you only ever wear one way?  I do.  I probably have a more than a few of those lurking in my closet, but this particular shirt is just the right length to wear with my standard summer bermuda shorts and so that is how I always wear it.  It is short sleeved, made of a soft poly fiber, has tons of colors and a great neckline and so I just never felt the need to do anything with it but wear it "as is".  OOOOHHHHH  As Is would make a great post title, no?  I digress.

10 had a soccer game yesterday morning and it was a little chilly out (80ish?) so I just grabbed the pants on top of the closet pile and they decided to beg to be worn with "the shirt".  I tried it on and hated it worn "as is" like I normally do, so I took Audrey's advice, and I tucked that bad boy in and threw on a cardigan.  Belt and Boots soon followed and a new outfit was born.

"the shirt"

When DH saw it, he said "you look great, but we're only going to a soccer game".   'Nuff said.


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