Friday, October 19, 2012

Flashback Friday

My DH has been out of town this week, leaving me with a DVR full of shows I can't watch until he returns tonight!  So what do you watch when your man isn't with you?  I watch decorating shows, but by Tuesday night I had gone through all the ones I had on tape.  I can't stand commercials any more so real time television is a torturous endeavor for me, and therefore out of the question.

Since there is no such thing as Blockbuster anymore (in my town) where I could stroll the aisles for an hour looking for great movies to watch, I was left with Netflix as my only option.  Are you a subscriber to their instant viewing?  We are, and my kids use the heck out of it on weekends for all kinds of kid's TV shows.  There hasn't been much available for the grown-ups until recently and a whole lot of the new options are television series.  Which is good if you missed out on watching series from the beginning, like Mad Men or Walking Dead and want to know what all the fuss is about.  But those are things he would want to watch too, and I'll be damned if I watch stuff twice and know what is coming!  So, I watched a few episodes of shows I know he wouldn't watch, Say Yes to the Dress  for example, but that gets old after awhile.

In desperation the other night I searched for RomComs and came up with an oldie but goodie; Baby Boom starring the lovely Diane Keaton.  If you have never seen this movie, I highly recommend it.  It was released in 1987, so I was almost 18 years old, and I remember loving her clothes.  Seriously.  My first thought in coming across this title was that I remember loving her clothes.  You know what?  I STILL thought she dressed great!!  Check out her pattern mixing!  Look at the baby's gorgeous coat!

Diane Keaton as J. C. Wiatt in Baby Boom

I couldn't find an image of the scene, but she also wears this fabulous, full length, white coat with matching Orchid colored scarf and leather gloves.  Stunning.  This character belted her suit coats too!!  Today, we would obviously tone down the shoulder pads and footwear has improved by leaps and bounds, but the fact remains that all fashion in the 80's wasn't as horrible as we remember it.  Don't judge us by Madonna alone, we had more than our fair share of working women!  Wait...isn't Working Girl another great 80's movie with awesome clothes??!!    Why yes it is!  Released in 1988 with Harrison Ford, Melanie Griffith, Sigourney Weaver and my favorite actress Joan Cusack.  No good images for that one, but do you remember "Tess" changing into her socks and Reeboks?  Classic.

I guess I've always paid attention to the clothes.  So, thank you Netflix for reviving my love of 1980's romantic comedies.  Sleepless in Seattle was 1993, but I'm counting it anyway.  Search on faithful clothing hoarders, inspiration is everywhere!!  I'm bringing back the broach at the neck, you wait and see.  ;o)


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