Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Circular Fashion

I got my haircut yesterday.   Is that relevant?  Why YES it is, I'm glad you asked!

Five weeks ago when last at the hairdresser, I said "let's do something different, how about side-swept bangs?".  Sounds great!  She gave me just what I asked for.  So for the next five weeks I constantly pushed those side-swept suckers out of my eyes a hundred or so times a day.  This time I went for the full on bangs, so as to keep my sanity from now until the next time I go in (with free bang trims if needed between then and now, why not?)!  The basically the exact same haircut that I had as a child.  My Mom's favorite haircut of all time.  It's a classic, and since I am now old enough to be considered a classic myself I figured it was time to go back to my roots (pun not intended).

Sometimes it just takes a little bit of something to inspire creativity, and for me this week it was a haircut.  So with my free time yesterday afternoon and my newly minted haircut and a face of makeup, I set about to take some new outfit pictures.  

I'm planning a trip to the East Coast during the holidays and will be there for about 15 days.  That is a lot of outfits to jam into one suitcase that can weigh less than 50 pounds!!  It will require a good, workable, CIRCULAR, mix of clothes and shoes.  That is not my forte, as Matchy Matchy by its very nature requires specific pieces for each outfit and nary the outfits shall meet.  Remember though, I'm trying to learn to go beyond Matchy Matchy.  So I started in an outfit that I knew I would love, and then started trying on different bottoms with the same top...

The Original
A Small Change

The Unusual

Then, since I loved this bottom, I tried switching tops:

Another Matchy Matchy Winner

And then I remembered an inspiration photo so I changed into this:


And finally thought, well how about this?:


So do you get what I mean about CIRCULAR fashion?  The reality is I will not be able to bring two different black boots with me, and three skirts that work exactly the same won't do either.   I'll have to tweak some things for my trip, but you see how it can work?  All because of a haircut.  Who knew?

See you AROUND!  (okay, I'm done now)


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  1. I just discovered your blog and am following you on Feedly. I really like this post, being able to see how the outfits change as you swap out a component. Also, it's amazing what a difference it makes when you wear the sweater belted vs. open -- it's like it's a totally different top. When I do this, I feel like I'm wearing the same thing over and over again, but when I see you do it, I see totally different outfits and don't notice the repeat unless I'm really looking for it.