Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Contemplating Big Things (or not)

Will I ever have an occasion to wear this outfit?  That is the "big thing" I am contemplating.  I sort of love the colors, and I wish I had the kind of job that required me to dress up to this level (sometimes anyway).  The truth is that I can't think of any reason I have to wear this.  Dinner out?  Too business-y for that.  Job interview?  Too casual for that and I don't see that on my horizon any time soon.  Church?  Perfect, but I'd have to both find one and attend it, so um, no.  

I believe it's time to face the facts.  I have purchased a lot of clothing that doesn't really fit into my life.  I have also held onto many items that used to work but no longer do.  In my head I'm thinking "doesn't everyone need a perfect pair of black trousers (or 3)?" but I don't wear trousers.  I wear jeans.  Not to say I couldn't wear trousers, I just don't anymore because of what I am called to do.  The same could be said for the above (and similar other) silk pencil skirt.  Too dressy for my life and just taking up space.  So I have begun to curate (using GCOGH of course!) my closet once again to weed out the things that I have because "everyone should have a _____"  but aren't actually being used in my daily life.

I am sure there will be things that stay that I may not use very often.  I won't get rid of ONE of those perfect black trousers.  But I am going to be VERY picky this time in the things I keep.  I hope to have a nice big bag full to take to Goodwill so some other working girl can use what I am not.  I'm supporting the clothing recycling movement from the top end so that counts, right?!  

The one exception to the clean-out is my shoe collection.  I will use any excuse necessary to keep all my shoes. I can wear pumps and jeans...see The Pinterest if you don't believe me.  Or any fashion magazine in the world.  It's a thing.



  1. I'd wear this outfit to eat lunch with buds or my huz. Or shopping, or to a movie, or any one of a dozen places. But then I deliberately over-dress for a lot of things down here. Keeps me from fitting in too much, and that's one aspect of my approach to life in Nowhere.
    There is also the school of thought that you buy the outfit, then make an occasion to wear it. That one is dandy if you don't work and have time to spend time thinking of stuff like this.
    You do look nice in it though ... very pretty, actually.
    Hope you're having a good week!
    And thank you so much for the invitation. You're a darling girl!

  2. It is a lovely outfit. :) I just cleaned out my closet today and packed away my cold weather stuff. :) I got rid of two boxes worth of stuff. Feels great doesn't it? :)
    Oh and thanks for the email checking on me. I am good, just haven't been feeling like blogging lately. I'll get back to it at some point. :)

  3. It's a gorgeous outfit, but I know what you mean about it not being something you'd wear. My work is very casual, too. But, you could wear that top with jeans, or black trousers. And the skirt would look good with a sexy top for an anniversary dinner with your husband.

    But the shoes, yeah, don't ever get rid of those shoes. They're delicious!

  4. Gorgeous!
    This is an example of my look when I go to work.
    I live in a small town and like Jan said, compared to others I tend to over-dress on a daily basis. But I don't mind, it is my style and I like it.
    Do you feel uncomfortable or over-dressed?

    Lady of Style
    now on Facebook

  5. And another thought (worth, probably, just what you paid for it ...)
    Don't know what your situation at work is, or what your aspirations are there, but once upon a time, when I was so crushed by the daily grind of my job, I began over-dressing and looking very beyond my pay-grade. I was just dressing to feel better about things, but I got a promotion within a couple of weeks that I was not expecting. Don't know if it was style-change or not. I didn't start getting any crap for the change until after the promotion, but some others upped their style-game just a bit.
    Just thinking out loud about why it's sometimes good to have things like your outfit in your closet ...

  6. I love your outfit. The shirt is beautiful, has a very nice pattern. The skirt is cute, looks great on you. I love the style of work, is perfect-

  7. This outfit is GREAT!

  8. I think your blouse is fabulous! Perhaps you can ebay it .. of do the 'shop my closet' thing ? Not sure how that all works .. but I've seen it on other blogs.


  9. While you look darling in the outfit, I get what you're saying. I like the advice you've received from the ladies above, though. I'm retiring in two weeks and I think I'm going to have many moments like this wondering if I'll need/want certain "work" clothes. You're so young that I'd hang on to these classic pieces -- you never know what the future has in store for you!