Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Workday Black and Blues

My post titles are really amazing, aren't they?  Insightful?  Captivating?  Makes you want to keep reading, huh?  LOL.  Sounds like I was beaten at work.

Consider this if you will.  Sometimes my work day begins with scrubbing toilets and ends on the sales floor working with my customers.  How does one choose and outfit that can withstand a good cleaning session AND translate to a relatively neat and on trend outfit?  Black and Blue of course.


Seriously though I work in retail and MY work outfits are different then your average office work attire.  Some might think that is a good thing, and would love the opportunity to wear jeans to work every day.  Some would be right, it is good and I love me some jeans.  But I also would love to wear pencil skirts, beautiful blouses and 4 inch pumps because those are the clothes I love the most.  Its just really hard to scrub a toilet when you're all gussied up.  

So when YOU are getting ready for work in the morning, in your lovely clothes and beautiful shoes (that you aren't standing in for 7 hours straight);  take a moment to think of me and be thankful you don't start your mornings with a toilet bowl brush.


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