Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ads Do it Better

By now you may have read that I work in the retail sales industry.  With that being said you will probably be surprised to learn that I haven't paid much attention to the clothes in advertisements.  Since becoming an avid style blog reader however, I have noticed that ALL OF THEM pay attention.  In fact, quite a good many use the retail ads to model outfits of their own.

Now, this might be a DUH to everyone else, but for me it was an "Ah Ha" moment.  How exactly can I work in the industry and not be doing exactly the same thing???  In my defense...I just do it in the store, I use the mannies as inspiration or pull outfits straight from our visual guides.  But I have surely been missing out.  At the very least, I should be using them as references for layering, color and pattern mixing and trend variances.  I shall illustrate...

GAP Rocks a Sweater Dress
These Outfits plus more here...

One great sweater dress in three amazing outfits.  Stores don't normally do that with their mannequins.  At most they would only showcase one of these outfits with others wearing different looks from the collection.  Hence, Ads do it better.  Instead of tempting you to buy possibly 3 pieces to complete one ensemble they can potentially sell you many more items to multiply your fashion possibilities.  Nice.  Or it can be purely my inspiration to throw a sweater over a dress and add a military jacket and boots.  Either way, its a win.

I better start paying attention, I'm late to the game.


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