Friday, November 2, 2012

When She Was Good, She Was Very Good Indeed....and When She Was Bad She Was Horrid

Soooooo....Longfellow characterized me perfectly with that poem, even though I don't have a little curl on my forehead.  And I'm not very little.  Okay so the good and bad parts are totally me.

Remember a few posts ago how I said I was trying not to buy any clothing for myself for 3 months?  I did really well for exactly 31 days.  Then I had a breakdown.  The results are here....  I was horrid.

Shopping Day One

Shopping Day Two

I guess I have some explaining to do???  Okay, bear with me because I have totally mastered the art of making excuses.

1)  I really, really, REALLY thought about how I could use every single item before I committed to purchasing it.  I followed Kendi's Rules and considered a minimum of three different outfits per piece.  Truth be told, I can come up with more than that for almost all of them.

2) A couple of these pieces have been on my "must add to closet" master list; the leather biker jacket, booties and the neutral snake skin shirt specifically.

3)  As I have said before, I am unable to walk away from a good deal.  The navy skirt is Michael Kors and if you zoom in on the tag you will see I paid $4.97.  Same price for the other skirt.  I paid $59.00 for the leather jacket.  It is Real leather people and it is soooo soft and has amazing detail.

4) Because I said so.  (doesn't make any sense?  I'm a Mom and therefore it does)

So perhaps I will do better in November and I'll spend all my money on food and wine instead.  



p.s.   I'm already wearing some of my new haul, like a kid going back to school!

What's not to love about Merlot Polka Dots? ;o)

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