Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I am a woman who is not afraid of a little color.  In fact, I try really hard to inject color into my wardrobe most of the time.  I am rarely an all neutral girl, although recently I've started to try that too since it is something different for me.

Do you know a person who is afraid of color?  Who wears outfits that invariably consist of either black, white, grey, denim or some combination thereof.  She always looks great but she would fade right into a crowd and get lost due to her lack of color.  I refuse to be that girl (uh, woman).

Forgive the headless shots, I was having a bad face day.  Or I didn't shower, take your pick.
This tunic/dress was a recent TJ Maxx purchase.  I like it a lot, but have been wearing it as a top because it is a wee bit short for this old gal.  Then I saw somewhere that someone added a lace border to a skirt to make it longer and I thought to myself how about you just let the lace of your slip show?  Know what happens when you do that?  It looks like your slip is showing.  Amazing right?  LOL.  So....if anyone knows how to sew on a lace border could you send me directions???   Then maybe I won't end up looking like this.

Looks like an audition picture to be an extra on The Walking Dead....aren't you glad I spared you?




  1. Hi there Alyssa, my name is Ada - real nice to blog-meet you. I found your blog two days ago and read every post from the very beggining. I do that with most new blogs I discover. Just like you, I like to see people evolving style-wise, from their earlier posts. Anyways, you are such a fashionable mom. What retailer do you work for?

    Hahahaa you are so cute & funny, above. Not always, but in your case I love that cute ivory slip showing from underneath that fabulous Fall-colors tunic. It all looks gorgeous as an ensemble with your wine tights, cognac boots & belt, and mustard cardigan. =) I love this outfit & pinned it for inspiration.

    I would love for you to follow me as well and stop by my little, dear blog. Thanks a lot, Ada. =)

    1. Hi Ada! Blog-meet, that's funny! I work for Gap (at a Factory Store now, although I started in a retail store) and have for 5 years.
      I'm glad you could take something of mine as inspiration!

      I went through your site, I am surprised you can think past your pregnancy for "after" looks! I was always completely obsessed with my pregnancy/upcoming birth. I did nothing but watch "A Baby Story" on TLC for months on end. Good luck with it!!


  2. P.S. We currently share the very same background to our blogs. =) Great minds think alike.