Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fast Floral

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.  I have been working and somehow still trying to catch up from our trip.  What you are getting this week is the what I wore to work series...and for some reason blue was my go to color.

My DH has started the active portion of a very exciting grant he is working on and as a result we will have out of state faculty staying with us during the weekends for a while.  This will limit the amount of time I can steal to blog or take outfit photos as I must play the dutiful "professor's wife".

At least I can do that dressed casually and not in a stuffy business suit!!  Stay tuned for blue number 2.  Go check out the awesomeness of the Monday linkups at YOLO (or Molly's house) and Visible Monday (or Patti's house)  LOL.  



  1. Like the arm 'candy' .. nice combo of watch and bracelets.


  2. Beautiful top, Alyssa.
    I think I must have a GOODwill near me. I went to another one farther away and wasn't impressed. I'll stick with the one that's about 5 min. from my house. :)

  3. Gorgeous blues, and like Wendy said, great boots! Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday : >

  4. You look properly casual for faculty wife ... but so much more than that, we all know! You have the most beautiful hair, girl! The blue seems to be in the collective consciousness these days. I'm seeing a lot of it, in all tones. Pretty on you!

  5. I love your outfits. I would feel comfortable in this one for sure. Blue looks so good on you.

    I agree with Jan wholeheartedly. You do have gorgeous hair. Woulc you share any haircare tips with us?

    1. Debbi--wash, rinse, repeat? LOL Seriously...I know nothing about "doing" hair. I started going grey when I was 20 years old and have colored my hair ever since. It is stick straight and even with a major curling iron induced curl session, only stays that way for hours and reverts back to its straight self. I would share all my secrets if I had any, I swear.