Monday, January 28, 2013

Made For Each Other

Look at how happy I am In this picture!!  Want to know why???  Because after waiting very patiently I was finally able to buy the pants that go perfectly with this shirt (on super cheap clearance with 30% off that)!!

I've spoken about my love/hate relationship with this shirt in a previous post (click here if you want to see it).  The gathered waistband and floaty arms require a very specific bottom to balance out the proportions, and I never liked this shirt with just plain denim.

The cut (super skinny believe it or not) and color of these pants made the pieces work together perfectly.  Add in my favorite silver bangles and blue beads and I was good to go!  Have you ever seen two pieces that were so made for each other?  I didn't think so.  It was like Garanimals for grownups.  <3.  

It's Monday so go see Patti's and Molly's crews to see what everyone has going on this week!


* on a side note, I've been trying to grow out my hair because it is has been forever since I had long hair.   Looking back at that other post however, I kind of like it better that style.  Now I'm not so sure what to do.  Thoughts?


  1. Those colors are amazing on you! Your skin is glowing. Just lovely!

  2. You do look so pretty in these colors! :)

  3. Love that top on you and you are right those pants are perfect. And I like your hair both ways, so whichever you like best. :) And I am pretty sure that I had those silver flats (loved them, but I got them while pregnant and after I had the kiddo they were way too big boohoo.)

  4. Love the plum pants. I picked up a pair very similar at TJMaxx on the cheap and I wear them all the time. They're perfect with that top. You look great!

  5. These trousers are the perfect find for your top! Great look and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  6. Yes, they were a match made in Heaven and just for you. They look wonderful together and the colors look amazing on you. Well done!

  7. Doesn't it feel good when you've gone on *quest* and found exactly what you were looking for?
    And for the right price! I agree that the color works dandy. And how fun would a little black and fitted cami be under this? Lots of looks to try! I completely empathize with the love-hate response to articles of clothing!
    You have the shiniest hair ... whatever you choose, do what makes you happy, 'cause you wear it well.