Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Bright Pastels

Bright pastel?  Probably not the best descriptor since something can't be pastel and bright at the same time since the definition of pastel is "soft and pale" regarding colors.  But you feel me here, right?  That classic yellow, blue, pink combination with white as a grounding color evokes Spring like nothing else can.  It reminds me of lambs and chicks playing under a bright blue sky.  Ok,  that's a stretch.

My vision of this outfit and the reality of it were not meshing.  This particular yellow shirt is very long, almost a tunic.  So when I don't have my hands in my pockets it hangs down very low and loose, creating a very big color block that wasn't what I had imagined.  On a taller girl, it would have been great, but I didn't like it on me.  So I tucked it all in.  I think I like it better that way, plus I got to show a pop of pink from the belt.

I can't decide.  Tell me what you think...shirt in or out wins the day?



  1. In, I think. Out could be cute, but I get that the proportion might run a bit long. Additionally, you are not short-waisted (like some unfortunates I know. Sob.) so tucked looks fresh and youthful. Many of us old ladies can't tuck, so tuck while you can, Gorgeous. Really enviable combination, BTW, and you look lovely.

    I was just wading through self-imposed job of commenting to everyone on VM and noted you'd popped in, even later than me! So glad to see you here ... anywhere, actually. Hope all is copacetic in your world.

  2. I prefer it shirt out but ctually I like your outfit both ways.
    Lovely yellow and I know what you mean by "bright pastel ;-)
    This outfit makes you look very youthful - lovely!

    Lady of Style

  3. Love it! I have absolutely no yellow in my closet. I must do something about that ;-)


  4. Pretty outfit! I think I prefer the shirt in, but no bad choices. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  5. I like it both ways - out is a little more casual cool while in is more polished preppy. :-) And the colors are perfect for spring.

  6. First off, l love the white and yellow combination, especially with the little accent of the denim jacket and pink belt. Very fun outfit. Personally, I like it better tucked in, I think it looks much more flattering that way. Althou, I do find myself, doing the little tuck in the fron and letting the rest (in the back) fall out. Thank you for dropping by yesterday, I look forward to following your fun blog.

  7. Hey Alyssa, We are indeed sistas with our current posts. I love this look...the shoes are so bright and cheery. The scarf and belt are great accessories. I'm with Trina, I'd probably wear it tucked in a bit in the front, but out in the sides, and back. Either way, I think it looks flattering on you.

  8. I like it out, but it would be kind of hard to open doors or shop with your hands in your pockets all the time. And I like to see that pink belt. Does it work if you belt the tunic, keep the scarf, but not the jacket?

    Love the yellow shoes!

  9. What great colors. And, yes, I'm getting the lambs and chicks vision you had here. haha
    I really don't like or feel comfortable tucking my shirts in generally...but I like the tucked in look here and it shows off that cute pink belt.