Sunday, June 9, 2013

Print Mixing

I'm totally excited to be leaving on vacation tomorrow and am in the midst of packing for the whole family.  Despite my best intentions, I have once again left everything to the last minute.  I hope that I can get it all done this evening so we can be out the door early tomorrow morning.  I have a special meeting that I just can't miss!  

I get to meet Beverly of Beverly Like Hills!! It's kind of like a date with a rock star.

On to the clothes.  These pictures are from more than a month ago when I was still under the impression that growing out my hair would be a good idea.  I do love the print mix I have going on in this outfit though.  The tiny stripe with the big floral really works together, and doesn't seem as jarring as some of my other attempts to shake up my wardrobe.  Let it be known that by "shake up" I mean "cause a slight ripple".  I'm not really that adventurous.

Have an awesome week everyone!!



  1. Love the outfit for sure. And I was thinking your hair looks really fresh and summery like that. :)
    Hope your vacation is wonderful.

  2. How awesome that you ladies are meeting up. I love her style! I am a huge fan of print mixing & stripes and floral always looks so perfect together! Enjoy your vacation!


    P.S. - I am hosting my 1st giveaway. Hope you can stop by!

  3. I love your pattern mix because you stayed withing the colour scheme and it looks great!
    Your hair is awesome, no matter if it is longer or shorter.

    Enjoy your vacation and so nice to meet fellow bloggers. Have a great time!!

    Lady of Style

  4. These colours are fab on you. Plus, I like the way your hair looks tucked behind your ears. Pretty.

  5. How cute! This is one of the areas that I severely lack any talent in .. mixing prints. You've made it look so easy !!


  6. You look sooo cute! Love the hair too. You look about 20. Enjoy your vacation!

  7. The stripes and floral print complement each other wonderfully! Great Look!