Thursday, September 12, 2013

Remembering the Rules

You know how you get "on a roll" with clothes sometimes and every outfit you create looks great?  I THOUGHT I was on one of those until I went through my photos this morning.  What I found instead was that I have forgotten a key rule for dressing my frame.  Observe....

Here we have a color combination that I love...pale aqua skinny jeans with black and silver.  Note the loose, blousy top, and tight bottom.  Comfy to be sure and it feels safe to wear because it easily hides all my less than stellar bits.  Example Two...'s a purple, blousy top and some skinny jeans.  I see so much of this look out there in the blogosphere but I have to tell you that as comfortable as it is for me to wear, when I look at these images I notice that this type of shirt does not really do my figure any justice.  I am big busted (I wear a 36DD) so the loose fabric hangs off of those bad boys and makes my whole top half look larger than it might actually be.

This is not to say I feel I should be wearing bandage dresses all the time to emphasize my Kardashianesque frame, but that I need to be vigilant about keeping my proportions in mind when I shop.  I have to stop letting what is prevalent in the stores, and beautiful on other people sway my purchasing decisions.

[And if I'm going to go for this look for the comfort factor perhaps limit it to once a week and not every dang day!  LOL.]



  1. I thought both outfits looked great ;-)


  2. You address an issue that frustrates a lot of us, darling Alyssa. I often feel like I'm limited to a specific silhouette or two, and go beyond them only at my own peril. We are all, usually, our own toughest critics ... but I understand your analysis and your point.
    One of the things that makes me the craziest is that some outfits just don't photograph well, and look great when we move around in them.
    Another is that very similarly constructed garments can look completely different on us than they did on hangers. The black just promotes longer lines on you than the purple ... it's just a little longer and cleaner in the right places, I guess.
    I've been trying on garments more often before I leave the store these days, just because of the point you're making. Little differences can count a lot sometimes.
    After staring at the purple for a while, I wonder if a dark purple tank beneath with a longer necklace in front might make it work better?
    In spite of it all, you really look fine in whatever you choose ... just a matter of knowing the fine from the fabulous, and that's what I'm trying to learn, too. All of us, probably!

  3. I think you look great in both outfits, but I especially like the aqua/black color combination of the first.
    I am drawn to loose fitting, longer tops for myself too. It's what I think looks best on my shape and that I feel more comfortable in. At the encouragement of a few bloggers I have been trying out some new for me things recently. It is totally taking me out of my comfort zone, but I'm willing to try. I will generally probably revert back to the look I find is more "my style", but will try more figure accentuating outfits from time to time too. I don't really want to appear to pull of a bombshell look ( like that could ever happen, ha)but rather a more classic look for a woman of my age. But I'd prefer that not run into Miss Dowdy either. lol

  4. I agree, they both look nice. I too have the same problem (big bust) but love a looser top. Although it's hard to tell from the photo, the top photo does look like the shirt fits a little more closely. What I do is still wear a "big" top, but make sure it has a cut that flatters my frame (i.e., has princess seams, is cut along the bust and back with darts, etc.) I'm getting to know my tailor!! It makes all the difference to my shape. Bigger is not better in my case, although I think it hides my sins. It seems like all the easy, good clothes are made for flat-chested women, and I'm tired of whining about it and just trying to deal with it, haha!!! But like I said - both outfits look really nice on you - we are just our own worst critics!
    xo ~kim

  5. I really love the first look! Sometimes I absolutely love an outfit at home and then I catch myself in a mirror in public and am like... "WHAT was I thinking!?" Sometimes pictures that I take really prove a point of if the outfit is good or not. Maybe if you added a belt to the second look it would help break it up? Either way, purple looks great on you!

  6. I feel your plight b/c I have a curvy hourglass figure and if I wear a blousy top it gives me an extra 20lbs. It becomes more challenging to shop when there's entire clothing types that are off limits...