Saturday, September 28, 2013

Skinny is Just a Six Letter Word

Is there a word out there that defines you?  Is there a word out there that you strive to become?  Is there a word out there that exemplifies your most heartfelt desires?

There are a whole host of words out there; 470,000 entries in the unabridged (English) edition of Merriam-Webster's dictionary.  Because language is fluid and ever adapting, that number is by no means finite.

Some of these words could be considered lofty: generous, unselfish, benevolent, magnanimous, altruistic, munificent, charitable.  Some of them are not so: greedy, gluttonous, avaricious, grasping, covetous, voracious, piggish, indulgent, intemperate, materialistic, insatiable.

I would like to say that the word that resonates with me is one from the lofty list, and I am happy to add that it isn't from the lesser list either.  For me, the word that tops my thoughts is SKINNY.

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will remember a few posts from the past year which refer to parts of my issue.  For those who may be new(ish); This one is a bit tongue-in-cheek; this next one is the whole truth.

I thought I would bring up my word association for two reasons.  The first being that some very kind readers commented on my last post that I looked skinny (or skinnier).  I'd like to say thank you sincerely for that!  However, you could have commented "you look like a skinny crack whore" and I still would have taken it as a compliment, because my mind would have shut off after I read the word skinny.

Today's truth is that I AM a little skinnier, and for now I have jumped off the metaphorical mental Merry-Go-Round.  I did a significant amount of research on macro and micronutrients and the benefits of juicing/blending as well as making some small changes in my daily life.  Just like all those years ago when just giving up regular soda and stepping over baby gates made a difference, so too are the small changes I made this past couple of months.

Pineapple, peach, red kale, collard greens and Anutragrain

I bought myself a Blendtec blender (sort of like a Vitamix) and have been making a whole fruit/greens smoothie for breakfast every morning.  I change up the fruits and greens during the week so that I can get the most out of every drink.  I even make power "red" smoothies that include beets and ginger for powerful kidney and liver detoxification (which is helpful since I certainly haven't given up my wine!).  This one small change has added about 20 times the amount of vegetables (and thus micronutrients) I had previously been consuming and removed one of my major stumbling blocks.

I also began exercising regularly again.  I am 100% certain that this is the key that unlocks the door to change.  It regulates those damn hormones like nothing else does and changes the body composition better than just losing "weight".  I have no weight loss goal this time, either long term or short term.  I am just changing the way I live to be healthier than I was before.  Nothing ever changes if nothing ever changes so I made the choice to change. (Again)

Skinny is just a six letter word after isn't a goal, or an ideal, or a better than me place to be.  It. Is. Just. A. Word.



  1. There's a guy at work who brings in a big bottle of green blended stuff every day - I'm not sure what he puts in it, but he says it gives him more energy. Sounds like a good idea, especially when there are fewer fruits available in the winter.

    Good for you! And maybe you'll inspire me.

  2. You will fall in love with your Blendtec and can't leave home without it. I bought it as a Mother's Day gift to myself last year and have been making a veggie/fruit smoothie everyday! Congrats on your way to the new you!


  3. Congratulations, Aylssa! Would you share some recipes for your smoothies?

    Annette | Lady of Style

  4. Hey Alyssa! I drink green smoothies for breakfast too. I'm curious what the Anutragrain is. Please share. I put flax seeds in mine, and usually add frozen blueberries...we're kind of the blueberry capitol of the world here.

  5. Really smart stuff ! I miss my Dr. Oz smoothies that I used to use for snacks ...spinach, cucumber, fresh ginger, parsley, green apples. I don't do them anymore 'cause Dan stole the blades from my processor to replace broken ones at the restaurant! I keep forgetting to try to find new ones for the house ... may just get even and buy a new blender.
    I identify with getting back to exercise ... I've just been doing a lot of dancing around the living room with the poodles to my favorite music.
    I also get off my butt and do weights during commercials in the evenings if I'm catching up on my DVR marathoning! Its easier if I think of it as just moving around rather than exercising.
    Smart. I like the idea that one can be smartly dressed and intellectually acute at the same time. And I'd miss the insults if the word smart was in the sentence. I've never seen what smart and ass had in common though ... I hear them put together all the time.

    Happy to hear you feeling perky, kiddo.

  6. Yay, for making small changes. That's what I did too. I don't care much for smoothiies, but little adjustments here and there can make a difference. The thing I need to do that will make the biggest difference is "move" more. I like how Jan put that. haha I don't like exercise so that really sounds more appealing to me. :)
    You look amazing. I no longer strive for "skinny"...just "smaller" is acceptable these days.