Saturday, October 5, 2013

Milestone Moment

One year ago today I hesitantly wrote my first ever blog post.  Since then I have almost stopped the blog twice along the way, feeling that my input was neither educational nor inspired.

I still feel that way but have settled on the fact that my posts aren't really meant to be either.  I hate being the focus of photos, so seeking out avenues to make them more beautiful isn't going to happen...remember when I tried that?

Since I'm okay with it, and you guys are all so great and I would miss you terribly if I went away forever, I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and sharing the woes and miscellany of my midlife with you as we go.  I hope you'll all stay with me now that I have admitted I'm okay with the status quo!

On to my current issue.  My misguided love for the printed, elastic bottom blouse.  I went and bought another one.  I couldn't help myself.  Seriously.  This pattern is so beautiful and all in neutrals so that has to count for something.  I made sure I could think of at least 5 ways to wear it so it followed that portion of my rules at least.  Putting it into my first outfit however, was more challenging than I had thought.  Please see the following examples:

tucked all the way into the skirt

untucked but still poufed up higher

fully untucked and pulled low

Yeah so, hmmm.  Not sure I really liked any of the ways it came out!  This skirt is tight fitting, so I was thinking it would balance out the bigness of the shirt.  I'm not really sure it works though?!  So I'm putting it to you all...what's your vote?  How do I wear this shirt with this skirt?


p.s.  Thanks for sticking around this year, and I hope to continue to see you all around for year two!!  ;o)


  1. Happy Blogiversary, Alyssa! I know what you mean about blogging. Sometimes I feel like I've got nothing useful to say, but I guess I just like the attention so I keep going. :)

    I like the third option best - shirt pulled down low. But I wonder if you should try a different skirt. That top would look great with denim, either a skirt or skinny jeans.

  2. A year! Happy, HAPPY Blogiversary to youuuuuu, dear Alyssa, one of my all-time favorite bloggers! The only thing I'd argue with you in this post is whether or not you educate or if you are inspired or inspire. Can't speak for your own levels of inspiration (a different experience for each of us ...) but I always find your posts interesting, am often inspired to try new things because of your example, and education happens every time I learn from something you point out.
    This year, I've learned from and enjoyed what you've shown us from your adventures in style ... thanks for doing all that you do. I hope you continue to blog for a long time, and that you have fun every minute of it.

    I understand why you love this top! It's beautiful ... fabric, style ... sleeves and neckline. I like it best when you let it do it's thing and rest where it naturally does as in the second photo. Very flattering.
    I like it with this skirt quite a lot. As Val points out, it can surely go a lot of ways ... casual or dressy.
    I so identify with the urge to tuck (and having a lot of issues with the process!) This blouse just wasn't designed to do it, and I think your instincts are good here.

    1. Thank you Jan. As always, your comments make me sniffle and think.


  3. Happy anniversary to you!!! Glad you didn't gave up! Yes I know what your mean about those elastic bottom shirts, they are a challenge to dress, tho. But I think you did a great job on it with the third one. And I am with Val, a more casual one like denim skirt or skinny would be very nice.
    again happy anniversary

  4. Happy Blogiversary! I sometimes wonder the same thing about my blog as well but I don't stop because of meeting all the wonderful people out in the blogging world. I have the same problems with elastic bottom tops. Sometimes, I wished I knew how to do some basic sewing skills and remove the elastic and sew the bottom. I typically wear mine tucked in or like #2.


  5. I like photo #1. Your skirt has such nice details it's a shame to cover them up.

    Happy 1st Year Blog Anniversary! Mine is coming up in Nov (I think?).Guess I better check .. lol.


    1. Thanks Monica..I liked that version too, although you and I seem to be the only ones. LOL