Sunday, October 7, 2012

Columbus Day Special

Boy were the stores busy out there today!  It is Columbus Day weekend and retailers everywhere are using it as an excuse to clear through their end of season merchandise and get you into their stores to see a preview of what is coming for "Holiday".  Did you ever notice how crazy retail seasons are?  Spring merchandise comes out in January when you'd sell your soul to find a puffy coat, but you missed those, they were in the store in October.  And in the end of summer when it is still REALLY hot in Arizona, our stores get in all their fall and early winter merchandise.  You're looking for a new pair of khaki shorts and we're going to sell you some nice jeans and sweaters!  Really though, if you are a smart shopper and know how things work in the stores you love to shop at the crazy cycle can help you score major deals.  You will just be getting those deals on clothes you can wear next year!  ;o)

Here is my helpful retail hint for the day.  ASK A SALES ASSOCIATE.  Ask them what?  Anything!  "Do they have other sizes of this item in the back"? More than likely, the answer is yes and they just haven't had the chance to replenish the floor yet.  "Is this on sale?"  Even if they don't know off hand, they can certainly find out.  And you know what?  They would rather help you out than have you leave the store without a purchase. "Can you help me find my size?"  YES!  PLEASE!  Because I just spent an hour refolding everything on that table you are now trashing.  Seriously shoppers, please remember that someone has to fix what you destroy and even your attempt at folding is better than tossing it into a heap.  Stepping of my retail soapbox now...

Have a great day!

Mrs. Matchy Matchy

Did you see me at my store in this today??

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  1. I love that outfit! And I never really think to ask an associate for help. I am always trying to hide from them, so I can look on my own. But I really should ask them for help. It would be a lot quicker!