Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Last Day of Shopping (she says again)

What I wore to score...

Okay....I promised my friend CC at CC's Cheap Chic that I wouldn't shop for myself from now until after Christmas.  She has many great remixing ideas, and did a hop/linky with others and their remixing ideas.  Between those inspiring ladies, and all my ensembleing (really, is that even a word???) at Go Chic or Go Home I really should be good to go.  And I will be, I mean, I am.

BEFORE I made that promise however, I attended the grand opening of a great new outlet mall here in AZ.  This place has everything you could ever hope for in an outlet mall from Cole Haan to H & M, Gap, Banana, JCrew and the like.  It was a freaking MADHOUSE!  I had to go to support my sister store, whose employees we trained for the past three months, and to see some of my former co-workers who had moved onward to better positions with a different retailer.  

My parents were in town and the hubs was not, so that meant a full on shopping day.  Okay, it meant that I shopped this day and maybe two other days and scored some great items.  Then, I pledged my closed-wallet promise to CC.

Here's what I got: 

Stone skinnies: $19.99
Tartan Scarf:  $14.99
Green Sweater: $10.49 (employee discount)
Hunter Green blazer:  $20.00
Lace Tee shirt:  $7.00
Printed Pencil Skirt: $16.08 
Rad Skull Shirt: $14.99
Total:  $103.54

Note:  I also bought a $20.00 pair of pumps and a $30 pair of cords that I returned because the above were the better deals for my closet.  Looking at that total makes me feel icky though.  I truly didn't NEED any of these things.  I LOVE them, and I will wear them all A LOT, but need doesn't factor in here.  I have learned my lesson, and I am giving over my beloved credit card for a while.  I am going to be thankful for what I ALREADY have.

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  1. Love the maxi-tshirt outfit! Looks so comfy and put-together at the same time. :)

    1. Thanks Sugar!! :) Or should I call you Contessa? LOL I actually thought of your maxi outfit when I got dressed that morning, because I brought my denim jacket with me in case it was cold.