Monday, November 19, 2012

Color Me Stewart

Plaid is a really hot fabric this fall.  I think really, every fall it seems to creep back into popularity but I'm noticing it everywhere because I love it so much.  Did you ever wonder what the history of it is though?  My DH's family is both Scottish and Irish so we have had the Tartan vs. Plaid discussion on several occasions.

If you want to get technical....Tartan is plaid, but not every plaid is Tartan.  If you want to know the history of it all, you can start here... Tartan vs. Plaid.  If you are REALLY interested, you can go to the Scottish Register of Tartans and search for your own family.

What I found out is that my scarf is the Stewart Dress Tartan plaid and my shoes are the Royal Stewart Tartan.  I have been looking for a scarf in Stewart Dress for a year now, and finally found this one at Target.  I'm in Stewart Tartan heaven I tell you.  I also am in love with the Ancient Black Stewart, but that sounds like a tale for another time.

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  1. Love that teal blazer - it looks amazing with both your plaids today. ;)

  2. That scarf is perfect for the holidays!

  3. Thank you Savannah!! I'll see you Wednesday for Whatever Wearever!

  4. love the scarf and blazer combo! xo

  5. I love the shade of your blazer and the tartan patterns are cute.

  6. Another Tartan aficionado! Years ago, in Victoria, BC, I found a Stewart dress tartan in shades of magenta! They have a lot of patterns and colors. I'm a Graham, and ours are pretty dull, but My husband's McMillan patterns are brighter. BTW ... love your combo with that sleek teal blazer.

    1. JaninJabitt, thanks for the compliment. I do love me some tartan/plaid! I found another one in my store today, almost a BlackWatch pattern that I think might find its way home with me despite my attempt to control my spending! ;o)