Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stepping Out

Or...What I Wore to the Grocery Store...you choose.

I am off of work this week because DH is out of town.  Normally, this would mean pajamas and yoga pants because I really don't have to leave the house except to do the shopping.  

Now that I've gone all public with this blog however, I figure yoga pants just won't cut it anymore.  To push myself out of my comfort zone I wore my favorite short boots as booties over my $5 leggings.  Perhaps they hit a little too high on my calf to be flattering?  My "matchy matchy" inclination was to wear my high black boots instead, but that felt a little boring.

What do you guys think?  Which boot is best?  Discuss amongst yourselves.

It's Tuesday, so that means its a Real Girl Glam link-up day.  Check it.

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  1. I already answered at Gochic, but I was thinking maybe if the sweater was shorter and less loose, the booties would be good because there would be more leg length to balance proportions. I am just learning about proportions so I am not sure. Matchy matchy sometimes is a good thing-besides, that leopard scarf is not boring at all! I love the outfit as a whole, and it looks so comfy at the same time! A winner in my book

    1. Katty... thanks for answering me in both slots!! I love how I can count on "my girls" for feedback. If this sweater were shorter, it wouldn't cover my ass, and therefore be a big NO NO for me, and that's why I thought the tall boots DIDN'T work...too close to the sweater bottom and therefore cutting off my leg. See how its all just opinion??!!

      And comfy, yes. The leggings are actually like sweatpant material inside, so technically they aren't really that far from my beloved yoga pants anyway! ;o)