Friday, November 16, 2012

Learning to Stand

You all know I'm new at this, right?  So there are things I'm going to have to learn along the way to make this work.  Apparently, one of those things is how to stand for a picture.  I thought I was doing an ok job of it, looking passable in most of the shots.

Then I took these photos (did I mention I hate getting my picture taken?) and realized there is a "good" way to stand and a "not so good" way to stand.  I am behind the curve once again.

Exhibit A:   facing the camera head on....which is in truth what you see in REAL life

Exhibit B:  turn, bump out the FRONT leg, shoulders back....just the right angle

Holy Cats!  I look slim that way!!!  Smoke and mirrors are a good thing to learn when you are plastering yourself on the internet.  I hope I can retake this exact pose from here on out!  Now if I could only work on the face, I'd be money.

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  1. Love your bright ruffly top!

  2. you're funny! I love the outfit, but what I appreciate most is your honesty. Picture-perfect bloggers are nice to look at, but they are like fantasy, while you and a handful other bloggers are real-life: we can relate, and your outfits are not only beautiful and polished but also sensible and comfortable for work, or take the kids to school, go to the supermarket or the dentist. You get the idea. That you are not the skinny blonde type also helps. We've seen too many of those in magazines and the catwalks for years. They've been the only type of woman portrayed as good enough. Size diversity seems to be the new trend and I love it- I want my daughter and my students to grow up believing it is okay to be who they are, tall or short, thin, skinny, curvy or plus size,that they don't need to change their physical appearance to be good enough. I love that there is such diversity in the fashion blogger world today.

    1. Wow Katty, that is so extremely nice of you to say! I am honored that you feel that way, and only wish I felt it myself. I too want my daughter to grow up loving exactly who she is regardless of the physical aspect of her nature, but I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself and I know it subconsciously rubs off on her. I have a long history with my weight and have always felt "less than" because of it. Some day I'll share my whole journey in a post...but if you look back at the picture of me that I posted in Sandy's a Bitch, you can see I look very different today. I think I am going to reread your comment a million times and hopefully be inspired to live up to your high opinion! Thanks for sharing with me.

      Love, Alyssa