Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Post Visit Pink

This week my store has been preparing for a visit from some VIP's which means I have been doing a whole lot of cleaning, folding, sorting and merchandising.  The good news is, they came through today and we were a huge success.  Whew.  I had to preface the below picture by explaining that...

because let's face it.  This is not the most inspired outfit we have ever seen, right?  It's cute, and for once its not jeans but its pretty basic.  I'm also noticing that I wore stripes two days in a row.  Perhaps I have been over thinking the Trend of the Month at Marionberry Style.  It's stripes FYI.  At least my stripes are non-neutral (as if that were a thing) ...that should set me apart from the crowd, right?

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  1. Love that you are wearing pink stripes with super cute gold shoes (at least I think they are gold...either way they are fun!) And a style doesn't need to be super inspired to be fantastic. I actually love this look!
    And glad to hear the visit from the VIPs went well :)
    Thanks for linking up!!
    xo Marion

    1. They are in fact gold with multicolored sequins! Thanks for your nice comments!!


  2. And, what's wrong with stripes two days in a row?
    Too cute!
    I love your - "managing midlife one outfit at a time" :)

  3. You look great and I love the haircut!