Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Is It February Already?

Hi everyone!

I have about five minutes to sit down and write, but it is the first Monday in February and I swore I would post something to share today so here I am.

Tons of things happening in my neck of the woods.  My oldest has passed his road test and so is officially a teen driver.  My husband bought himself a new (to him) car so the new driver actually gets his old car.  Not too bad a deal for a first car since the old car is a 2001 Mustang convertible!

We just had winter formal come around again, and in case you don't remember my sad rant about that last year you can click here to remember.  This year it only got worse since my youngest is now old enough to attend as well!!

Can we note these shoes?  They have already become mine! And my son...LOVES this outfit, bow-tie especially!
Hubby and I are headed to Hawaii shortly without our kiddos, so really looking forward to that.  Our return will shortly be followed by a visit from my very dear friend and her family.  We are planning lots of fun activities since she is coming in from the snow-bound East Coast and is looking forward to lots of sunshine.

Lastly...I told my Mom about my blog.  And she was proud.  So here's a shout out to my Mom, who has always been my cheerleader regardless of how ridiculous my current "sport".  Love you.

Missed you all...I hope to get back to outfit picture taking very soon!



  1. She's back! My universe is running a bit more smoothly in its grooves, now. Cool.
    You look pretty gorgeous in red and leopard ... rested too.
    Kids are adorbs. Eldest is a driver? How will you afford the coming trip to Hawaii with a teenaged boy driver (!!!!) attached to your insurance? Envy you the trip, but not your kid in a car. I petition the universe for his safety and your sanity. Truly, you guys have earned your trip.
    Seriously (now that I'm done gigging you 'cause you've been gone) ... so happy to see you back.

  2. GAK!!! You have the cutest kids! Nice to see you back, and a shout out to your Mom...'Hi Alyssa's Mom! Your daughter is a sweetie!'

  3. Welcome back! Your kiddos are adorable and how lucky that you can share shoes with your daughter!


  4. Hi Alyssa! Ive nominated you for the Liebster Award - details here:


  5. Me again ... and sending you a Golden Blog Award! It's an easy one and I thought it might give you an easy blog topic ... besides my nosiness. I see above that you have a Liebster from another fan!
    You know also that I won't be even a little offended if you don't get to it or just don't want to. It's here:
    Hope you and yours are well and happy!