Thursday, April 25, 2013

It Was Bound to Happen or An Idea So Good Bears Repeating

What happens when you love an outfit concept soooo much that you copy yourself?

You get an oops I did it again moment, that's what!  The "maxi skirt as a dress" vision is going to take me through this whole summer, I swear to you.  Can't you imagine this about a million other ways?  Different shoes, jewelry and topper piece and the look will change each time!  You might also be proud to note, that I wore those shoes for a full shift and no blisters or sore toes occurred.

If you need a little reminder of my first "maxi skirt as a dress" look,  click here to see the original post.  From last week.  How sad.

But just to stay legit...I found this a moment ago on The Pinterest...

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  1. CUTE!! I've got the exact pieces in my closet, too! :)

  2. Alyssa, this concept is working for you so well. You look gorgeous! And honestly, the finished look is really very different from your striped maxi/dress of last week. I love them both, and I love today's accessories. I just got a pair of orange sandals and I can't wait to get some fun orange accessories too!

    Sue xo

  3. You can go wrong with a maxi dress and a jeans jacket! Love the shoes! I am on the hunt for a lovely pair of orange wedges.


  4. Gorgeous, I love that look! You look fabulous.
    I have a long black dress which I currently don't wear because it is so bodycon... but this is a perfect way of styling it. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

    Lady of Style
    now on Facebook

  5. I just realized that you managed to pair orange and black without looking at all like Halloween. How did you do that?! I think it's the denim jacket, or maybe how it all looks so sleek and effortless that no one would ever think of Halloween.