Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It's Hot/Cold season in Arizona.  What season is that you ask?  57 degrees in the morning and 92 degrees by the late afternoon.  A sticky situation when you need to be gone from your house all day and can't do complete outfit changes to accommodate the climate.

My solution was a summer tank dress with a boyfriend cardigan thrown over top.  Bare legs weren't the best idea for the early morning cold, but I adore these shoes and it needed to happen.

Had. To. Happen.


{California was great and if I could afford it I would totally live there in a shack on the beach.  It made me a lazy blogger though...sorry!}


  1. Your dress is awesome! I couldn't imagine going from 57 to 90 degrees all in one day. I bet it does make getting dressed hard!

  2. We also have severe temperature changes but that is tough!
    Your look is great, the dress is so pretty and your shoes are really cool :-)

    Annette | Lady of Style

  3. Agree! Those shoes are fabulous! I adore .. shoes with wood platforms.


  4. Welcome back, and so glad you had fun. My mom and dad had a cottage on the beach in Ocean Beach during the war years ... stepped right out on the sand, 2 bedroom and courtyard. Sad they sold it before I was born! No justice.
    I'm still missing your face ... but very cute outfit. Lovely little cloggy-mules. So pretty with perfect dress, jewelry, etc.
    I know what you mean about "had to happen" ... I wore a moto-vest this afternoon in 75 degrees. Weather his bouncy here, up and down. Fall really not in full swing.
    Have a great week, darling Alicia.

    1. Alyssa ... I meant Alyssa. Just chatting with Alicia! Forgive, please. Am idiot. Yes,

  5. This is such a cute relaxed outfit. Plus the shoes are fabulous! wow what the temp change in one day.

    blue hue wonderland