Friday, October 11, 2013

Pink Pants in October

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness this month, I am pulling out my favorite pair of pink pants.  Such an important cause deserves mention...and any excuse to wear these pants a few extra times will be taken!

I can't seem to get my photos to capture the outfit as it is in real life, alas these oddly stiff renditions.  The truth is, this vesty/jacket thing is so cute in person!  I really, really felt great in this, and while I am sure that an adorable pair of silver, pointy toe pumps would have looked amazing with this I wouldn't have lasted 2 hours in them before I switched to flats.  I decided to just skip that whole painful time and go straight to what would last all day.

Enjoy your weekend!  I am off to San Diego with the family for a bit of a holiday, so stay tuned for vacation instagram photobombs!




  1. You look wonderful ... pink is a great desert sunset color ... works there for all seasons, yes? Can't go wrong with your sweet striped tee. I'm looking for just such a long vesty thing! Where'd ya get it, please? Looks great. Perfect little roll above your sweet, walkable flats. Good going, literally!
    Have a great time, and please say hello to Balboa Park and the Zoo for me ... I'm an Escondido girl, San Diego born!
    Go safe and enjoy every minute!

  2. You look wonderful and I think this is the perfect way to wear hot pink for fall!

  3. Photo's came out great! I love the outfit and the beautiful back ground.

    Have a great time in San Diego .. we are going to have a nice weekend in the 70's.


  4. A great tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Your garden is so pretty with all the flowers. And great way to support such an important cause. Have a wonderful time in San Diego!


  6. The pants are beautiful and the look is great.

  7. I totally get the flashy pumps dismiss. I love pretty shoes, but I try to wear them strategically (aka sparingly) to save my feet. You look darling in your pink and navy and stripes...and the flats work. Also, your haircut. Beautiful. Tailored and elegant.